Power Degradiation

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Power Degradiation

Post by Spoops » Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:58 pm

Power Gradiation's usefulness has died down over time, what not with most weapons being able to interchange magical and physical damage on the fly, hell, swords just got a new skill in duelist that also does magic damage.

The only reason its not useful imo right now is because it costs 4m, it only fits into a vent petale build this way given that its a basic attack, I'd love to see it receive the same treatment as most 4m relics from pre-GR do, and cost 3m with a cooldown instead, a small change like this would help put in line with the rest of the sword basics on Duelist's bar, duelist SP is so tight nowadays and Power Grad's FP cost is really high unless you can max it anyway.

So here's what I think, Power Gradiation should be changed to a 3m cost, but receive a 2 or 3 turn cooldown, I think this would suffice.