More help for Bonder!

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More help for Bonder!

Post by Senna » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:36 pm

NOW THEN! About small/Okay adjustments for Bonder class Youkais! I'm mainly all about the Youkais actually being worth something, like GS. I've already suggested a way to help with it's survivability here viewtopic.php?f=8&p=35603#p35603 however it's time to make some suggestion for the Youkai's strength.

In my eyes, Grand Summon is the class that's all about strength in numbers while Bonder was all about power in only focusing on one to three youkais. Basically quality (Bonder) vs quantity (GS)

But if we're talking about the differences, GS has more going for it than Bonder--To the point you're better off using that class over Bonder OR even using engineer over Bonder. It's not because of status or anything, it's because the Grand Summoner class has different ways to utilizes its Youkais comparing to the other.


I have a small list of stuff that could put Bonder Youkais on the map again. So people don't simply run Grand summoner over it; allowing the players to actually choose between Bonder or Grand Summoner.

First -
First suggestion: Letting Spiritual Bond passive increase all Youkai to 60 instead of just the bonded.
Reason: With the current scaling damage wise and so on, having the level 45 youkais aren't more than a way to buff up yourself via Synchro Summon. They die too fast to really do anything other than that.
Conclusion: It'll help with their survivability, allowing them to be a little more impactful on the battlefield considering you only have two aside from the Bonded Youkai to work with.
Second -
Second Suggestion: Reduce the FP cost for fast offense (By half maybe) and reduce the momentum bonus for Bonded by 1 as the trade off.
Reason: The ability itself IS good, yes but the cost is the reason why it's not used. The 50 FP cost just so the Youkai could act upon summon sounds good on paper but in an actual battle, PvE, it's not that great. It'd only be good IF Bonder had alot of Youkais under their belt to work with which they don't.
Conclusion: It'll allow the ability to be a more reasonable skill for the FP cost considering the strength and the amount of Youkais you'd actually be able to get out before they die.
Third -
Third Suggestion: Synchro Summon needs a mini rework. Increase the Duration by +3 on bonded Youkai and if the player only has one Bonded, whenever it's summon, it and the player gains permanent Duration whilst increase the Youkai's stats bonus by 4. This last until the Youkai dies or until it's unsummon. As for the player's SS stats if the that happens, it resets three rounds.
Reason: Bonder(s) Youkai, shouldn't they be strong? At least strong enough to rival the number and tactics GS has to offer. It'll provide them with strength, giving them some capability to hold their own.
Conclusion: A buff to the Bonded Youkai, helping them with their 'quality'. This lets their presents be known outside of 'Share joy' and 'Share pain'.
Fourth -
Final Suggestion: A small bonus on Two Souls Beyond - Reduce the Bonded Summon momentum by 1 and increase it by 1 each time a bonded Youkai was summoned. And if the user only has one Bonded Youkai, the FP to sustain it would be reduced.
Reason: The bonded Youkai shouldn't cost three momentum just to get it out on the battlefield since the class itself revolves around that(those) Youkai. And in the heat of battle, finding the momentum just to get them on the battlefield isn't as simple as it seems without running away and hoping for the enemy to grant the opening. Especially in PvE currently.
Conclusion: A reverse Grand summoner passive but with bonded Youkais instead. The lower cost FP will make up for the little FP regeneration the class itself has to offer. (Ritual Sword isn't as viable as it sounds since it's a basic attack base technique.)

I'd like to see what the others have to think about these suggestions/Balancing and if you guys have anything you'd like to add to it, disagree with or changes. It's all about making Bonder class Youkais worth something more than just another way to hurt the player.