Mage Main Class Bonus & Eternal Flame Tweak

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Mage Main Class Bonus & Eternal Flame Tweak

Post by Ryu-Kazuki » Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:19 pm

Seeing as some classes as of late are getting geared towards "use this as a main class and you get bonuses" scheme, I thought of a way to use that in order to make a rather set of not too common mage skills that have potential gain a bit more if you set Mage (or a mage promotion) as your main class.

I suggest that all enchanting based spells function like Eternal Flame if a Mage based class is in your main class slot, making them permanent duration (or increased slightly by a few rounds). The drawback of this, despite the bonuses it entails, such as its use with Elemental Augment (which is good for people who want extra damage on their weapons), is the increased damage against certain elements, (which can be an overall effective drawback against mages who use enchant spells, even with the resistance items). They should also be made to deactivate if you cast it on yourself again while it is active to save yourself from pain (making you recast it if you want it back).

Also, it'd be nice if Eternal Flame was toggleable, please.
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