Class Idea Steamguard(Aquamancer/Spear?)

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Class Idea Steamguard(Aquamancer/Spear?)

Post by Musicka » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:29 pm


\Steampowered: While wearing light armor or heavy armor you gain a bonus to magical resistance based on Rank*2. You gain vapors equal to Rank every turn and lose 1 based on Rank every turn to a maximum of RANK*10. If you take lightning damage at the start of your turn gain 3 STR for 2 turns. Dullahans gain a bonus 5 Vapors at the start of the battle. You gain a boost to STR/WIL/FAI/VIT based on Vapors/10.

Refresh: If you have 10 or more vapors you can cleanse your system gaining an resistance to poison and negative status based on RANK. You use all your Vapors to gain FP and HP equal vapors*2. This is twice as effective on Dullahans.

Hard Boiled: You get twice as much effect from egg based foods. When you take fire or water damage gain 5 Vapors and reduce the damage of the next magical attack by 35%

Sweat: You sweat out steam dealing Wind damage based on Rank(uses fire scaling) to enemies in 3 range. Gain 9 Vapors. Enemies have a chance to be inflicted with interference and lose 3 to all stats for 3 turns. And lose 3 Movement for 2 Turns.

Releash Steam: You allow the steam to expand from out of your body or armor. Resetting your cooldown. Enemies in 9 Range take Fire/Water Damage based on rank. You lose HP equal too steam used in return you gain CEL/STR/DEF based on rank.

Healing Vapors: Using Focus you generate a aura that cuases your vapors to heal you. You gain regen equal to Vapors/2 for 3 turns.

Boiling: Water spells, and steamguard water skills gain Fire ATK based on Rank as a bonus

Holy Waters: Water spells and steamguard water skill gain a bonus to Rank equal to FAI/20.

Mystigaya; Summon a wave of cloudy steam lowering the defense and Res of everyone besides you inside of the fog based on RANK. Enemies and allies are treated as if they are in smokescreen. If you are in heavy armor this skill pushes all enemies 2 spaces back.

Yglade: Summon a water blade that has power/hit/crit based on Rank. The weapon inflicts soaked and deals 150% of your water atk. If you have a weapon this skill instead deals 50% of water atk and only last 3 rounds.

Steam Jet: Increase your movement based on your vapors/5. If you use Jetpack you this round you get refunded 2 M.

Gather Steam: You stand still gathering focus to create magical vapors. You gain Vapors based on RANK.

Purify Vapors: You purify your using them to enchant yourself with 2 Res and 2 Fai. If you have 10 or more Vapors increase this skill based on Rank. You take 50% of the damage from Steampowered

Duality: You are extremely skilled in using on than one element at a time even more so more than one weapon. If you are using two swords you gain 2 SKI and 2 DEF. If you use Yglade with no weapon you summon a fire sword aswell but it only deals 55% of your fire atk. If using two swords you attack with your second sword dealing 35% of the damage.

Temperature Proof: You gain 1% Fire and Water Res for each Vapor you have.

Leap: Leap high into the air gaining airborne and Leap. Your next melee attack has a bonus to damage based on WT and VIT/2. Your next basic attack or certain steamguard skill has a bonus to range based on RANK*2

\Twin Sword
Flagamagun: You must be using two swords to use this skill. You attack in a complete circle dealing Slash Magical Damage based on Rank. If you have 20 or More Vapors you lose 10 and this skill gains 2 more range. All enemies inside also take 50% of your Fire and Water Atk. And have a chance to be either soaked or burned.

Qwerty: This skill must be used with two swords. Luanch one of your swords in the air. Before moving in a straight line based on RANK. enemies in 3 range of your moving path is inflicted with Guard Break. You use a faint forcing your enemy to trigger a defensive skill They can not trigger it again. Preform a basic attack that does not miss. If you have 6 Vapors you then a basic attack with your second weapon the second attack does Slash Magical Damage. If you used Leap and Vapors your attack deals Lightning and Water Magical Damage instead of Physical and Slash Magical.

Sahamada: You place one sword backwards getting into a stance. Enemies who do not use two weapons lost 10 Hit against you. You prepare to counter if you are attacked by an enemie with a sword counter it taking no damage and gain 60% Resistance to the next attack by the user. If you are attacked by a spell you move into attack range of the mage and inflict silence. If you have 50 Vapor this skill uses 25 and you attack dealing 30% of the damage Back. This skill reduces SS of the foe by 2.

Combo Magic: An art founded by ????? when using a steamguard offensive skill or a sword skill you gain combo lv based on Rank. At 5 combo lv you gain Gaurd at the start of the next turn for each 5 Combo Lv. Steamguard skills are reduced by combo lv% If you are inflicted with guard break or knocked down you lose 3 FP for each combo lv.

Chifvlam: A powerful holy water enchant for your shield. Raise your shield infront of you creating a wall of magic all allies behind you gain def and res and fire resistance based on rank. If you use a bash skill this skill has a chance to inflicts soaked and blind. If you have 10 or more Vapor gain Chifvlam status. Enemies who attack you take Light damage equal too vapors/2 and water damage equal too vapors/2. If you are enchanted with an elemental the bash skill does dmg based on the element.

Shield Toss: You toss your trusty shield at an enemy in 4 range+Rank dealing Def as dmg and bonus dmg equal too your Ski. If an enemy is in 1 range of a foe that enemy is also hit. This has a chance to crit. If you crit and have 30 Vapors you deal 10 bonus Wind damage to all enemies in range. If you have 50 Vapors you lose 20 and inflict knock down on the foes hit.

Grande Basher: Why use bash if you not going to use it right. Enchanting your shield with vapors ignite focus behind you dashing up to 4 spaces +Rank. You do not need to move before trigging the effects of charge. If you have enchant shield this skill does 50% of that element +WIL this skill does Magical Blunt DMG. If you have leap status Slam into the ground next to your enemy and lose 5 Vapors. Crush the ground below you dealing 120% of your earth attack in 3 Range.

Linikoga: Using 40 Vapors you create a dome this dome last based on Rank. As long as you remain in this dome you are immune to damage. The dome has a threshold of damage based on RANK*150. You can not attack while in this dome or be moved. if the Dome takes too much damage it still completely absorbs the damage.

Aqua Lance: Coat your lance in water before unleashing a powerful strike dealing damage based on rank + 25% of your water atk. If you are enchanted with Kraken or Ice Point Guard you gain Frozen Spear status for 3 turns. This skill inflicts Ice Damage instead and the spear gains stats based on RANK. If you land a critical it inflicts Frostbite. If the enemy is weak against ice they become Frozen.

Teslarak: Using Vapors coat the tip of your spear. You gain Lightning Rod Status. In this status Lightning damage taken instead increases STR/LUC/CEL based on 5% of that damage absorbed. If you are airborne and use this skill gain Thunder Bolt status. Your next spear attack deals 120% of your lightning attack. If you have a javalin equipped it gains power based on RANK passively.

Elemental Lunge: You must be enchanted to use this skill otherwise it deals Fire/Water Dmg based on Rank. You Lunge forward enchanting your spear with the elements attacking a foe in 3+Rank Range moving into melee distance. If you have 25 Vapors you deal bonus DMG equal too your STR.

Riveraid: Leap forward in a spinning attack coated in Vapors.Slam your spear into an enemy dealing dmg based on Rank. If you have 10 Vapors this skill gains 10 Bonus DMG. If you used Aqua Lance this turn gain Aqua Spear status this is similar to water blade status by Yglade. You soak the enemy in water dealing a bonus 5% Water Damage. If you land the attack and have Repel unlocked you perfom repel only dealing 15% of the damage but gaining 30 hit and 30 Crit for that attack. If you have 35 or more Vapors and 30 FP, and Teslarak status you lose it but cast Ryemei on Repel attack.

High Tide: Spin on tip of your spear kicking a foe dealing bonus damage based on RANK.This skill knocks them Airborne. If the enemy is airborne already when they land they will be knocked down and lose 10 FP. If you have Mixed Martial arts this counts as a KICK and a MA+MA Promotion skill. If you have 15 Vapors deal water magical damage based on Vapors/2. IF you are enchanted with Nerhaven this does fire dmg istead of water.
Low Tide: A lowly sweeping attack with a spear dealing DMG based on RANK. If you have 10 Vapors this skill gains a bonus 15 Water Damage. If the enemy is knocked down you inflict wound lv based on RANK*3. If the enemy is not knocked down they are knocked down.

Rising Waters: Unleash a flurry of three brutal enchanted attackeds. You deal dmg equal to RANK. Knock the enemy airborne if you have 30 Vapors this skill does bonus water damage based on Rank*4. All enemies in 6 range take water dmg and force it too rain in the location soaking enemies. If you are in the rain at any time you gain 10 Water ATK.

Harpoon: If used on an Engineer Bot this skill refunds 2M and grants them the skill. Toss your spear inflicting wound and Harpoon status. Increase hit against your foe based on RANK. If you use this skill again pull the enemy towards you spaces equal to str/5 and inflicting 50% more wound lv.

Oceans Anchor: Summon a massive anchor formed out of water. Drop the anchor in an area soaking enemies in range 3-5. the anchor renders foes immobile for 2 turns and lowers Move by RANK for 3 turns.

Sweat Out: Enemies who are soaked and take fire damage lose FP equal to 25% of the damage taken but resist 5%