Impact Dismiss

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Impact Dismiss

Postby Raigen.Convict » Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:41 pm

I had an idea in a fit of insanity to change Impact Dismiss a bit, it becomes a skill, when activated it unsummons youkai based on rank, detonating them for damage equal to twice their level based on the youkai for element like usual. 2 youkai at rank 1, 6 youkai at rank five. The damage is still resistable by resistance/defense and other reductions so a flat 120 per explosion isn't too much to ask for with the recent inclusion of Evasion, this skill would actually bring a bit more use to Summon storm since now you have a way to safely cease your intense focus consumption within a few turns so you don't run completely dry trying to unsummon youkai 2 at a time.
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