Future Updates Poll (May/June 2018)

Have an idea for the game? Something you'd like to see improved? This is where you should post it.

What would you like to see the most?

Item Potentials
Static Dungeon
Donation Items/Cosmetic Stuff
New Talent Subpaths
Battle Bonuses
Enchanting Great Successes
Total votes: 60

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Future Updates Poll (May/June 2018)

Post by Neus » Thu May 24, 2018 12:38 am

Following up the last update which added a lot of new Void Assassin skills, here's another one of these. Vote for what you'd like to see the most in the next/a recent update. Please note that I'm still not really interested in adding a new class quite yet. I've also removed the Alstalsia Arena from the list since it didn't get any votes last time. In addition I'm not putting in more class skills this time because I'd like some more time to flesh out ideas for it, and partially because those additions usually require a bit of time.

Item Potentials - Adding new item potentials for some weapons.
Static Dungeon - Most likely an ice dungeon. Would involve some new enemies and items, maybe a new boss to go with it. I would probably also add a new random dungeon type for it, with 10* items for the enemies in it.
Donation Items/Cosmetic Stuff - More background and border types, some golden items. Potentially setting your preferred character color, which could change the color of somethings (character box at the top, maybe some skill visual effects if specific ones are requested and make sense).
New Talent Subpaths - A few new talent subpaths for existing talents. (Combat Drilling, Archery, Spiritualism, and Maintenance all have some ones in my big list. Some of these may tie into service stalls, however.)
Battle Bonuses - New system where you can gain an additional modifier to EXP from battles by fulfilling certain conditions in battle. (For example, hitting an enemy weakness would give the Tactical modifier, which is a 5% bonus to the total EXP gained.)
Enchanting Great Successes - Expanding on Enchanting great successes in some way. Could potentially give a special item quality, such as random unique bonuses that get overwritten when the item is enchanted again, or a special quality that makes the next enchantment on the weapon always succeed.
Sidequests - New sidequests, much like the quests that exist in the game right now.
Other - Something else not on this list that isn't a class or new class skills. Please post to specify your intentions if you pick this option.

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Re: Future Updates Poll (May/June 2018)

Post by GSM » Thu May 24, 2018 12:47 am

What I voted for:

Static Dungeon: I think this would be an amazing idea, especially the ice-theme dungeon and random BDP type to fit as well. New items, 10*s, and gimmicks to face in PvE would definitely spice up what I think is one of the games' more enjoyable moments when developing a character.

Donation Items/Cosmetics: YES. I need this. I'm sure people everywhere need this. It's hard to do when each person has to specifically roleplay an aura or beam or blast's color and shape each and every time. Customization, wherever possible, is a fantastic asset to have.

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Re: Future Updates Poll (May/June 2018)

Post by Coffeeccubus » Thu May 24, 2018 12:56 am

Honestly, what I think the game needs is more things to happen in the storyline to make areas more useful.

I think a mass promotion of SL2 is needed. Considering how barren some of the areas are (It's depressing to walk to Altasia and see 0 player shops), and how much of the maps aren't finished due to limited cartographers and how you don't have much time to really develop the tings you want, I think we need to really improve on that.

Now, in game things, I'd really love to see more Static dungeons, with new bosses and such. We already got many of the same ol dungeons, and we seen em all. I think more variation and more interesting dungeon generations, like, maybe the harder dungeons have puzzles that are more complex, with new items inside and such. Something to give us veteran players a taste of challenge, as everyone of them are just... too simple. Maybe, make the battle system more diverse, like instead of killing all enemies, we aim for a commander or something. Or maybe make battles into parts. Make them feel more strategical. Maybe dungeon generation can also come with different mobs, such as Space Sharks or something like that. You know, It's just weird and kinda lazy for Sand Sharks to be in non deserts and such. We need more variation on that part.

Talent Subpaths would defiantly help make talents more useful and fun to play with. The current mechanic is kinda lacking in detail, and needs allot of room to expand. This is another thing I was thinking about, maybe raise the level cap from 60 to perhaps 80 or 99. I think that way, if does increase, allot of this can open up, and make the game more open to allot of new things. And perhaps, the first appearance of triple digit dungeons, which can be extremely challenging for veteran players, and the "mwahahahaha" from your lips can exit.

Sidequests should also be a thing to help engage and help us better understand the lore. Areas like Lispool and Vollegard lacks most of these things, and we know very little, compared to Cellsvich and such. I get it, Cellsvich is a large city and very prominent in the story, but we need to remember too, that there's other places that need love and attention, and also need backstory to be filled! I think this can help enhance roleplaying, and give us better details and easier writing time for our characters.

Item Potentials can also be something that can be useful for higher level endgame content. Sure, it might take more time for it to come about, but the more of this, the more powerful weapon combos we can unlock. Everyone loves numbers, and it's pornography to us, let's admit it. We love seeing 1020s pop out. It makes us excited. So why not? After all, some builds even reach quad didgets, and it's kinda dissatisfying to see weapons not completely hit that high.

And yes, Enchanting needs some work, and maybe potions too? There isn't that many variants of potion, and I think there should be more. No large blue potions or medium is kind of disappointing for warrior builds.

But that's what I think :D

However, Static Dungeon is what I think the game needs. New Dungeons, new challenges.
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Re: Future Updates Poll (May/June 2018)

Post by Spoops » Fri May 25, 2018 6:06 pm

I voted for a new static dungeon and new talent subpaths.

The new static dungeon as we lack an ice themed dungeon, and having more 10*s later on would be nice.

And new talent subpaths as well because I'd like to see a tile extension effect be added to Vines via Geomancy, similar to Cinders and Ice.

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Re: Future Updates Poll (May/June 2018)

Post by Shujin » Fri Jun 15, 2018 10:22 pm

Voted for Static dungeon and New talent subpath.

what I'd like to see as talent sub paths are:
-Acid Tile extension (Either Geomancy or a new talent path for acid as a whole?)
-Vines like spo says.

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