Quality of Lantern Life

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Quality of Lantern Life

Postby Krath » Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:15 pm

Now I don't play very much, but I do go through and try to update things on the wiki once in a blue moon, so I'm decently familiar with skills past and present. It struck me that while many skills have been brought up to be in-line with others over the patches, plenty are still quite outdated. Since Lantern Bearer is hardly ever talked about, I thought they'd be a good thing to draw attention to.

Raging Flame: At rank 5, it currently deals 10 unresistable damage every turn of your lantern's element. Most but not all *COUGHDARKIMBUE* similar items and skills have been changed over to work off of Elemental ATK by now, so it only seems fair to do the same here. Something like 25-30% Elemental ATK at max rank seems pretty fair to me, taking into account that it's free damage you don't have to work for. Perhaps slightly higher numbers with dropoff at range, like normal lantern abilities? That might be a bit much.

Guiding Light: Curing Blind can be useful to be sure, but for a very low range skill that also can't be used on yourself, and a Gentle Embers Altera offering AoE immunity to the status anyway, this seems like it could have more to it. A simple to-hit bonus? Some kind of inner light effect that increases the effect of lantern abilities on that ally? Perhaps some kind of detrimental effect to enemies? I'm not sure what to put here, but I do think it needs improvement.

That'll teach me for submitting posts in the morning. Move this to Balance Fu, please.

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