Hellhound HarigoddamnitIwantit

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Hellhound HarigoddamnitIwantit

Post by Ryuzaki » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:43 pm

Okay, so from a personal point of view, as a Kinu fanboy. Hellhound Hariga is one of my favorite skills in SL2. Yet, it's not exactly anything particularly special. In fact, we can replicate it with hellhound QDs and akimbo (akimbo sucks!)

So, what this suggestion is for. Simply because Desperado (albeit amazing) has uhhh 2 useful skills in total for people who aren't using shotguns.

Can we please get hellhound hariga added to DH. As far as DH goes, it's not the most impressive skill, any Desperado worth their salt should be able to replicate firing a wad of bullet rapidly, which is what they already do with lead storm and wild ride (if using multiple shot guns) And since gun damage right now is borderline the worst, I think it'd be an interesting edition.

I'm open to others suggesting the balance for this particular skill, but I'll throw down my own numbers:

level 1: 30 FP (70% swa, 70% fire atk)
Level 2: 27 FP (80% swa, 80% fire atk)
level 3: 25 FP (90% swa, 90% fire atk)
level 4: 22 FP (100% swa/fire atk)
Level5: 20 FP (110% swa/fire atk)

Any other suggestions or arguments for this?

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Re: Hellhound HarigoddamnitIwantit

Post by Spoops » Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:10 pm

It would certainly be really cool, I had a skill icon similar to that before, which Ryu edited to look more like a pistol, so I've submitted that, also I had another DH skill icon sitting in my folder for well over a year, supposed to mock Dante's Prop skill from Sword Master, I've included that too just in case you wanted to add another reaver skill as well.

That said, focusing more on Hellhound Hariga, the scaling proposed would be fine so long as Hellhound Hariga is limited to guns, specifically handguns if possible.

Also here's the icons for Hellhound Hariga and a spinning blade skill icon just in case Dev wanted to use that too at some point.
Image Image
DH Icons.zip
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