Camping and you, Maybe hunting.

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Camping and you, Maybe hunting.

Post by Shujin » Wed Aug 29, 2018 7:25 am

Camps are fine as they are, they are fun little hang out locations for groups, that are just fine for a bit of casual RP. While it also invites people for casual ganks apperently, its otherwise rather save aswell, which is a good thing for Sigrogana to just be able to relax.

However, I think camps could be used as a bit more are just some tiny casual RP spots and could be improved alittle on even in these tiny spots.

Let's start with some issue I just find strange with camps or make little sense to me:
-Campfire: Campfires regenerate health and FP overtime. Thats good but...Why? There is literally basically no use for them in camps to do that, because the times you need this regen maybe is when you are in the middle of dungeoning. You aren't leaving a BDP to set up a camp to regen, cause by the time you are done, the BDP you were in is most likely gone. So while nice feature, kinda weird in its execution currently.

-Camp food: A bit better than the campfire in its execution. But similiar issues, just that you can do it before you go into a BDP and all is fine.

-You can currently not dig in camps, meaning some functions are not working as well like farming or setting up traps for decoration(pitfall mostly)

-Trap items in general are rather useless in dungeons, since you rarely have the time to set up, and some traps are actually "Expensive" to make.
Expensive in the sense that you need a very specific band, that you do not really find THAT often or can make otherwise.

-Minigame archery targets still don't work. Let me set up military camps and play my minigame, damm it.

-The fact that you have no way to just like, save your camp decoration for looking the same whenever you go camping. Making you redo everything everytime. Also when you just DCed in an unlucky moment after spending an hour decorating it! I swear, I cried.

-Camps are basically everywhere the same, while I understand the idea of them being save locations, I feel the game would benefit if you could open camps aswell for other purposes. like hunting.
Are just the few issues I have with it, that I feel could be expanded on to make camps both, better RP spots and more interesting.

Dev once said that he didn't want camps to be stressful things, as someone asked for near mallus region to have Dullahans swarm up on random, which in general I think is good thinking from Devs side, HOWEVER. It could be easy to satisfy both groups alike by adding a tiny little pop up window when you set up a Camp. Let people choose if they want a safe camp, just to be chilling in. Or to be a hunting camp, were monsters depending on region COULD pop up, maybe even tiny hunting zones that are a tiny bit larger, like a small forest..
An alternative to that would be, if you set specific "Bait" items in camps, that you could turn them into combat zones, but I prefer the different kind of camps. Simply cause I would like to get a feature in the game that enables literal Hunters. Make more survival items/skills for these kind of camps, that allow to maybe ward uff monsters from a certain "Safe zone" within that camp, while you sit on your bonfire Campfire resting, before going out and maybe do whatever within that Camp.

I think having this could add another interesting perspective, in a characters everyday life, make the world feel much more alive and (I will never shut up about this, make me!) allow ways to improve the crafting system. It could also give people other ways of leveling and use for their story.

What the fuck do I even have in mind?:
A bit ago I overheard Dev say, that he was thinking about ways to allow people to actually build something on the map. I think these could go hand in hand with it veeeeery well.

I only give a short summary of what I would like to see, instead of working it all out, since I am sure dev has is own ideas:
-An Option to generally save the lay out of a Camp, for normal RP purposes. Having you not needing to redecorate it every time thanks to DC/Reboot/or whatever reasons.

-Having different regions, different kind of camp zones.And having the option to set up "Survival Camps" that are bigger and have wild life spawn within it on random (probably on hour change). This would give far more use to campfires healing part, give more reasons to hunt both plants and animals for crafting and can add a general "Survival life" kind of characters. It most likely also enable some more cool IC meetings.

-having the ability to dig in Camps for farming/setting up traps. This has both, cosmetic and gameplay reasons. It could also finally allow Tool making traps to expand to actual hunting skill, cause such a camp would give MUCH more chances and use to set this traps up to your favour than dungeons allow.

-Make archery target work for camps.

-"Survival camps" spawn different stuff in different region. So a survival camp ner Mallus might actually spawn Dullahans, near Manor maybe all sort of ghostly monsters. In Lordwain some ice wolves or ice worms or whatever they have in their wild life and Alstalsia? ohhh boi. Hardmode. but have also maybe unique plants grow in them and such that you would never find anywhere else.

-items dedicated to make the Survival camp more interesting, having maybe items that work like a little save zone (Monsters maybe not coming oh so many tiles near a campfire), having bait items that maybe increase spawn rate of monsters or set them to "Crazy" or generally just increase the mob size per encounter. More traps, that effects serval stuff from these mobs while out of combat, maybe even the drop rate of materials or what not.

-Maybe even traits and talents later down the line under Survival tree that makes this more interesting aswell. (Reuse of traps maybe, make traps more efficient, etc.)
So yeah some of them are probably something for not SO close future, but some would increase quality of life even for normal camps. I would generally like to hear the thoughts of Dev about somethings here mostly, I would like to help providing Icons if he is interested in such or similiar concept.
It would also give reason to leave Sigrogana, our save little sanctuary at times to go camping somewhere else. Reward the dareing!
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Re: Camping and you, Maybe hunting.

Post by Raigen.Convict » Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:00 pm

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