Demon Hunter Rework Suggestion/Discussion

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Demon Hunter Rework Suggestion/Discussion

Post by GameMaster85 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:32 am

Demon Hunter... is weird to me. It's an omni-subclass (that's used as a mainclass if your other class isn't important enough) that has two stances that entirely don't rely on statistics at all. It's one of the strongest auto-hit classes with one of the stances active. It has the most annoying stance which thankfully has a stat requirement.

But it's not Dante enough.

While devotion to the stances is an amazing thing and even better when it comes to being human. (I'm talking Human Destiny Soldier for max SP yeaaaah!) there are key problems with this notion that I'll explain, but Demon Hunter is lacking not in the power department, but in the variety and what it represents. While it's the class that seems to be able to handle a lot of situations when you look at it in one way, it really starts to lack when you spread things out. And due to how Hit/Dodge works, you either put everything or nothing on it. Even Destiny DHs have to skimp on the SP builds and while they have enough to actually go for all stances, there's a very key problem with this. Without further ado, let the bullet points begin.

#1 - Guns

... Offhanding a gun is probably the worst thing to ever do as a Demon Hunter and that sucks. While it has it's skills that used to be buggy, did a lot of cool stuff, exc, the Desperado stance is 100% needed with something like Magic Gunner to make good use of it. It needs SKL and LUK potentially due to hit/dodge woes, and it's essentially a dedication to the stance with only gun in hand. And while it can be used like a normal weapon, it sacrifices the two-hand ability which just doesn't make it worth anything at that point. It's like taking off one half of the handle bar from a bike. It's still drive able, and maybe you can wave to your friends, but it's a bad idea anyways.

An easy fix to this is to add to one of the passives as a mainclass benefit for an Momentum reduction to switching weapons in the item belt (as well as making it airborn compatible.) And this pretty much makes guns less of a crippling blow to a Demon Hunter. Sure, they need to put stats for Hit, but a sprinkle of SKL and they can use the range as a motivator for someone to move in (with no dodge) or as a way to deal more damage at odd angles where Reaver stance isn't as effective.

And for anyone who says it doesn't make guns effective enough, play some DMC3-4. Guns suck in the game too. But not to this point!

#2 - Style

Why are tacticians the one with a style gauge? Most people use DH for the express purpose of an all encompassing physical defense. With a huge HP bonus from soldier, and being able to autohit with any weapon cause why not, the class turns away from the dante style. So in lieu with how tacticians work, how about we nerf everything slightly, but buff them depending on how high the gauge goes.

The gauge wouldn't work like tactician, but to keep how omni the class is and make it more offensive and constant aggression like Dante and even Kinu, (are they related somehow?) make it a gauge that goes down in every start of your turn, and even more rapidly after it hits higher thresholds, but make it go up for accumulated damage with diminished returns. If you used a skill used from your last turn, it slightly diminishes with style effectiveness with more concurrent uses.

And last but not least, give them a utility skill called "Taunt" that takes all Momentum to use, but increases the gauge akin to a good hit, (but with the diminished uses per turn. No taunting repeatedly!) but most importantly, it would prevent the gauge from lowering on the start of your turn. Maybe add a resource-gain to it, or resource-spent-reduction buff. Maybe make it more effective if used with more then 3M. (but still takes all M)

#3 - Grace

Remember this baby?
We have a form of this baby from DMC in the game. Sounds like a shoe-off, but why don't we include skills gained from weapons in Reaper's lowering-of-momentum shenanigans? (including the damage reduction) Would it break the game? Probably. Would it make you feel like Dante? IGN says yes, of course.


Look, if we're going to have a direct reference to Dante and his games in various forms, we gotta do it right. I don't think it's right. But I could also be dumb. I dunno what I'm saying, really. But man, I like this class, but it doesn't really make me feel like batman dante at this moment. But I dunno, what do you think? I'm not exactly the best in knowledge of this game and it's vital organs of a balance, but I got nothing else to say! What about you?