Upgrade to Player Books

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Upgrade to Player Books

Post by Sawrock » Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:11 pm

We used to be able to use HTML to create books with a full-window picture (so it appeared as an actual page); specifically the HTML body background image. However, that appears to now be disabled, and I understand this is for security reasons. I completely understand this. In its place, would it be possible to have books that can use links of pictures from, say, imgur (or any type of image-hosting) similar to how profiles grab a youtube link? I want this personally to preserve my collection of player-made books (and to finish my in-game library) but I see it as a quality of life sort of deal so I understand if it isn't important.

Some examples of books made previously (with Bloeden's works using a custom font, Sawrockian Squire):

Kitten Stew
A Small Book on Chivalry