Some extension for Guardian spirit trait?

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Some extension for Guardian spirit trait?

Post by Senna » Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:51 pm

I have a suggestion for two traits that can add onto Guardian spirit and only that! More so, I got the idea from a game...That's funny enough, has Youkais as Guardian Spirit (Japanese Dark soul)

DISCLAIMER: Those are just rough ideas so names and description can be changed and stuff.

Guardian Aid: Req: Guardian Spirit - The Guardian Spirit chooses to work hand in hand with the user; granting them the ability to also use the spirit's skill/magic as long as they're standing one tile from each other. OOC Notes: Working similar to having a Youkai contact whereas you can use the abilities of the unsummoned Youkai but instead, it requires them to stand next to them.

Guardian Enchantment: Req: Guardian Aid - The Guardian Spirit needs to be summoned and standing one tile away for this to work. The Guardian Spirit infuse themselves with the user's weapon.This allows the weapon to obtain the elemental damage type for that Guardian instead. Doing this will allow them to use Guardian Aid as well. OOC Notes: Last for 3-4 rounds, it works similar to install whereas it drains as if the Youkai was summoned however instead of affecting the user's body, it only affects the user's weapon damage typing. Example: Let's say they used it with Chun (Mars spirit) and their weapon is a Bokken (Blunt damage). From this trait, the damage type changes from Blunt Damage to Fire physical damage. Also, since the spirit will be within their weapon, it's only naturally for GA affects to be triggered during the duration.

Of course, these are locked to Guardian Youkai only and no other Youkai.

It's just a rough suggestion, I'm sure if it isn't that bad, the community don't mind helping with balancing and stuff. What do you all think about it?