I can't carry all this furniture! (Large Inventory Size Lag Bug)

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I can't carry all this furniture! (Large Inventory Size Lag Bug)

Post by GameMaster85 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:58 pm

Okay, so recently I've been having a STUPIDLY amount of CLIENT (DD) lag due to what I think is the fact that I bought maybe around 800-900 or so furniture ahead of time from the furniture sellers. The lag is also not normal lag, it actually makes the client freeze up as if it was unresponsive, like any program that does so. I thought it was a good idea to have them around and spend 50k murai like the high roller, but it's actually not letting me play the character anymore. Right now my only solution is to breakdown all the furniture, but this also is a generalized bug since that means simply having a large inventory size makes your client go nana. The reason I think this is due to the inventory size is due to the fact my client doesn't have that lag with any other characters. 900 Inventory is also semi-impossible conventionally due to the encumbrance system, the only real way being able to do that as far as I can see is with Furniture Sellers, or pretty much crafting 900 Furniture from the get-go. Here's a screenshots for your viewing pleasure. My current fix is to break down as much of them for now.



I actually have a feeling all interactables (besides signs) are the cause of this considering they are still fully functional in the inventory/breakdown screen. Not only that, some furniture I bought are considered storages. It won't let me access them since it thinks I don't own it, but considering they probably hold their own 'inventory' of sorts, and the fact I can still open and close doors in my inventory, I'm prioritizing those first in breaking them down before checking to see if that fixes the lag and narrows this problem down.


Seems like doing the above probably fixed the issue but I'm going to play further to see if I experience more unresponsive client behavior. Even then, it's probably not the best of ideas to retain furniture's functionality (even if they are disabled, see boxes/inventory furniture) inside of the inventory in a developer's standpoint since it's probably inefficient. I had maybe a good chunk of those items too, the kitchen sets/stoves as well as the buy-able container furniture. (Darkwood Drawers I think?)

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Re: I can't carry all this furniture! (Large Inventory Size Lag Bug)

Post by Neus » Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:49 pm

The lag you're experiencing is from your computer trying to display a very long list of objects. Really, the game should haven't of allowed you to buy that many - it should have tripped the inventory size limit when purchasing items. If it didn't, that's a bug.

As for the display itself causing issues, that's only really solvable with a redesign of the inventory interface, which is planned down the line.

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