[Que] Positive effect overwriting and Worg Pelt Topic is solved

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[Que] Positive effect overwriting and Worg Pelt

Post by Shujin » Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:42 am

1.)I am preeeetty sure you made it so that positive effects you cause don't get overwritten with weaker effects of the same buff.

Worg Pelts Roar however does overwrite it's effect whenever you get damaged by darkness, no matter the damage, which is a bit frustrating when you just got hit by a powerful attack which would have activated it's effect but than the enemy deals some sort of chip damage afterwards entirely replacing it with the minimum.

Is this intended? And if so, can we maybe change it to not doing that cause it's already situational enough by being dark damage specifically.

2.)Is worg pelt supposed to be a metal material? It did strike me more like a clothing one.

3.)Oh also is it normal that the buffs stats gained can't exceed 20 str bonus even if the level is higher? I can't remember anymore if there was a stat cap for such.

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Re: [Que] Positive effect overwriting and Worg Pelt

Post by Neus » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:13 pm

The selective overwriting is a flag that has to be enabled; I've enabled it for Roar.

I made Worg Pelt a cloth material.

Yes, it should be normal for it to behave this way; I believe status effects are treated as enchant effects.

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