Unlimited Youkai Works (2.00.6b) Topic is solved

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Unlimited Youkai Works (2.00.6b)

Post by Trexmaster » Sun Feb 24, 2019 4:05 pm

Zhoxn wrote:
Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:45 pm
After the bug that reduced the youkai momentum cost to 0 has been fixed, I noticed something else that seems to be a bug as well.
When you summon using impact call along with ripple dimension, ripple dimension decreases the momentum cost of the first summoning skill you use as well, allowing up to 6 youkai to be summoned per turn.

Let me give an example.
Suppose you were going to summon for the first time, the summoning cost should be 3M, but if you use impact call+ripple dimension when doing this, that cost goes down to 2M, instead of only decreasing the next youkai summon.

So instead of the momentum cost for summoning every youkai looking like this:
It looks like this:
Since the prior thread was initially about Ripple Dimension causing Summon to cost 0m, I figured a new thread for the new issue would appropriate.

The quote above explains the problem--Ripple Dimensions causes the first summon to cost 2m if it procs, then every additional summon will only cost 1m. Thus allowing for far more summons than anyone should really be able to get in one round.

It is still an issue as of the most recent version as of this thread (2.00.6b).