Forgrint Doesn't Transform (2.00.6b)

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Forgrint Doesn't Transform (2.00.6b)

Post by Turadis » Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:17 pm

As the title says, I've been having troubles with my Forgrint not being able to change into it's spear mode. The transform weapon skill is still there, and it grants me the status effect, but it remains a tome.

-While transformed it still grants Spellpower buffs to magic.
-It does not allow me to use spear skills
-It's range is reduced to 1 like a spear's however.

I've tried a bunch of quick fixes.
-Un-equipping and re-equipping the tome.
-Repairing the tome.
-Un-equipping and re-equipping my spear skills.

Sometimes it seemingly randomly begins to function as normal again, and sometimes it breaks again. Very strange.