Rock you like a hurricane. [v2.00.7b]

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Rock you like a hurricane. [v2.00.7b]

Post by Miller » Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:52 am

Right now, it appears stun still works while you have one momentum and carries over into the next turn allowing for some odd occurrences to happen.


Instead of eating your next turn's momentum, it eats up the single one momentum you had left on the previous turn and keep your full momentum during the next; allowing for someone to hit into elemental resist and cause the stun to be shaken off, adding three momentum to your usual momentum pool instead of just having three.

Replication is simple; have a one momentum skill, use something to generate rocks(stone dragon) and then something to push it into a player who only has one momentum left.(Air Pressure, Cyclone Spear)
Then have your opponent proc an elemental resistance on you during the next turn.