SL2 Version 1.65

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SL2 Version 1.65

Post by Neus » Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:22 pm

Like I said last time, this update adds a new class!

As far as the next update, I'm thinking about a few things and have some on my list that I could get to. I may just go through suggestions and submissions and do an update with those. I am also looking into ways to fix the flash step issue, which may involve programming a 'central' control server to send reboots/etc and launch new dreamdaemons as necessary.

New Class - Boxer, a new promoted class for Martial Artist, has been added.
- Adjusted Moonlight Mercy's bullet animation and added a new instant kill animation, courtesy of Snake.
- Magic Gunner's Magnet Shell's Overcharge effect LV is now equal to High Charge Power * 1 (instead of *2).
- Priest's Malmelo now has a 3 round cooldown.
- Lantern Bearer's Phoenix now has a 3 round cooldown.
- Bonder's Healing Discharge now has a 2 round cooldown.
- Engineer's Deploy Medibot now has a 3 round cooldown.
- Chun's Fire Jet's cinder tiles now have a LV equal to 50% of the user's Fire ATK.
- Darkwood monsters now spawn in Castle themed dungeons.
- WIL granted by Sanguine Crest is now reflected in your maximum FP total both in and out of battle (so your maximum FP doesn't change between the two.)
- Extend stat checks are now cached (doesn't affect players but if you notice inconsistencies let me know).
- The diminishing stat cap is now equal to 40+user's racial base+(1 per every level beyond 60)+(Legend Extension effects that boost the stat).
* Bug Reports
- Superiority was applying to allies.
- Ritual scrolls were worthless, Murai wise.
- Headless Knights had the head monster tag.
- Fire Jet and Acid Jet had an incorrect line length.
- The Darkwood map would let you walk off into the darkness.
- Pumpkins couldn't be gathered from.
- Animated Swords created by players were fighting with their fists.
- Miracle Fertilizer was causing plants to disappear on hour change.
- Inate skills for NPCs were not working properly in some cases.
- Asha's respec conversation topic wasn't being displayed.
- War Cry was not working properly with the War Paint religion status.
- Status effect immunity was not protecting against subtypes of that status (for example, Silence Immunity wasn't protecting from Strangle Silence).
- The crate for the Lost Heritage quest wasn't spawning.
- Dagger Dance wasn't working properly with Crash Potions.
- The letter on the ground in the old iron mine wasn't readable if you double clicked on it.
- Hellspike wasn't doing any damage when used by player characters.
- Toggling your alias was not changing your name for things like mouse-overs or right-click menus.
- An issue where anim datums were being stored indefinitely in certain cases has been corrected. (This necessitated a change to Focus, the monster skill, and the Redtail's Fortune Level mechanic. If an issue arises with those, please let me know.)

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