Brown v. Board of Sigrogana

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Brown v. Board of Sigrogana

Post by Kameron8 » Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:55 am

With the addition and changes to some racial skills and the removal of growths, some races in the Beta have been left far behind the average. I will briefly outline the two I think are doing poorly, and potential ideas to buff them if I have any.

1. Humans

The additional +2 skill points and trait do very little in the greater scheme of things. Traits are not uncommon enough for one to be of value, since all of the mandatory ones can be taken without this racial. Getting +2 to every class is nifty, but once again is something that can be accomplished by simply taking a trait for it. (One can argue it's the same as taking every single class trait, which is 8 whole traits, but that would imply the character switches between every single class in the game. That is an unreasonable assumption to make.)

I have two vague ideas of what could be done to buff humans. The first, giving them an additional 10-20 skill points at level 60 to distribute, plays into their "easily adaptable, quick to learn" nature. The second idea is quite similar: give humans better scaling with Aptitude in the form of improved ratios or a later soft cap for that stat. Please note that these are two separate ideas, I am not suggesting both be implemented together.

2. Mechanations

Previously the powerhouse race, Mechs on Live give extremely solid growths, and provide two free resistances in exchange for a single weakness. They did not fair well on the port over to beta. With growths eliminated, their different models represent minute differences in base stats that translate into very little in the big picture. Their resistances were dulled while their weakness remained the same, and the only other skill they possess is being great pack mules.

I don't have a great change for Mechs off the top of my head, but it would be nice if they were given something that made each model feel different. It certainly feels like any class that has no benefits from Sanctity end up doing poorly as a race, with Corruption being the exception since they gain their benefits by simply NOT putting points into it.

I'm sure there are other races besides these two that deserve mention (probably Doriad, Hyattr, and possibly Papilion), but I don't have any experience playing those races and would be ill suited to try and comment on their relative strength.

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Re: Brown v. Board of Sigrogana

Post by Rendar » Sat Jun 18, 2016 9:17 am

Hi. I play a mech, a doriad, and a papilion.

Here's my thoughts on the matter.

Papilions before had amazing growths (15 or 20% above the average). This worked out really well for their somewhat lackluster talents. Now though, Papilions are required to rely upon their racial benefit of Invite Insanity (which costs quite a bit) and rely upon Aposemagika. Both of which are decent... if the person is attacking you in basic or what have you. Aposemagika is only really good for a spell caster to utilize it entirely, and Papilion as a whole has been downgraded to a novelty class, or at the very least, one that requires an invocation to get any benefits from its class.

Papilions aren't really good in the meta, and my papilion is actually suffering rather heavily because of this. I'd sooner build sanctity on him just to get rid of the glaring earth weakness (and raise my resistances all around!) than actually use Aposemagicka or Invite Insanity due to their low affliction rates, low status affliction rates, etc. What they need is some sort of buff to make invite insanity's status numbers higher and more menacing. Don't know what, but something will eventually come up.

Doriads are in the same bad way, if not worse than Papilions. With how utterly useless Immobilize is as a status effect due to ways to cure it, not-actually-movement skills, or even simply ignoring it because you're an MA and can still heaven kick with your legs tied up... They're in a right awful pickle. This would be an amazing thing if they didn't have to be in near pointblank to wild grass someone, and with their affliction rate getting nerfed a bit, they're even harderpressed to actually land it. Not to mention that while it is 6-7 rounds at the sanctity I was using, it doesn't do much but stop them from advancing. And with the number of ways to actually negate it without actually curing it, it's borderline useless. Here's a list of people that just flat out ignore it.
Demon Hunter (Cobra and Matador retaliate)
Black Knight (if they're close enough)
All mage classes
All MA classes
Spell Thief
Void Assassin
All Archer classes (range)
All summoners who use Legume
Duelists who can utilize their skills for absurd amounts of movement.
The only real classes that get truly locked down by it are the Curates, Tactician, and Engineer. That's it, really. If it was something besides immobilize, it might be good, but as it stands it's borderline useless since we have two classes. This is only going into one of their racials though. The other is just about as useless in the long run.

They have Song of Nature, which lets them spawn a random flower that gives +1 to a stat to people within range. When they buff it, this plant becomes bigger, increasing it's range and (at the sanctity I had) making it +8 to the stat instead (40 sanctity?). This might not seem that bad, but it is 1 momentum and 5-10 FP iirc. To make one big in a turn it takes 3 momentum to start fresh. These benefits do not stack if you have two similar flowers in range, and more importantly, your enemies benefit from the flowers too. I tried to bring this up at one point that no one is going to bother to use this in a realistic setting, but was shot down and called an idiot because I should "Just use overload" with it. Which, with this, would make myself overload bait as well, not to mention only adding a whopping 40 damage to it (lord forbid if I get the +RES flower giving them the benefit instead).

Not only this, but these spirits of nature (see; literally nature beings), are.. less effective at casting nature magic.. than rabbits. I get that Leporidae and Vorpal Rabbits or something... and LUCK for the kerzap but. This is a major flaw that I have always seen with the game. They need something a lot better to distinguish them from being actual garbage race that doesn't really benefit all that much from sanctity. Making Immobilize useful and buffing the flowers to only affect allies would be a step in the right direction, at least.

Mechanations got nerfed really... really bad in this update. They're basically humans with slight variation in their stats based upon their mech typing. Not only this, but they don't get nearly as much as they used to (for whatever reason). There's no real reason to actually build them up a certain way, especially whenever other races can just.. do the job you had planned better. I'd like to see the different mech types get something that scales off of their sanctity, or even aptitude. I don't know what, but something is better than they are now.

Thank you.
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