The Kurusagi Family

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The Kurusagi Family

Post by Sarah54321 » Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:38 am


The Kurusagi Clan

The Kurusagi family is a family of spiritual mediums, contacting with the many dead ghosts of those that reside in Oniga. Ever since the war, they've been hoping to bring peace to those that were brought great chaos and guilt to themselves because of the fighting. They were brought up in Oniga, and aren't known to live anywhere else. Aside from that, they aren't that well known. Despite what some might say, they are only good at Spiritual Guidance, and very little else.

Because of this, the Kurusagi family has dwindled over the years. Most of them decided to go off to do other professions, though most all of them still have the ability to view spirits, and even communicate with them. Because of the ban on magic, they are often frowned upon. Many people see them in suspicious light. Rightly so, but that's information for later.

The main family consists of the following:

Murusaki Kurusagi - Family Head, adamant on remaining in the tradition of being a medium for the fallen. So much so that they say that he possesses many spirits within himself, trying to purge them for the next life.

Tsukasa Kurusagi - Family Mistress, the closest thing to a wife that Murasaki has, she does not have the ability to see ghosts or spirits of sorts, but luckily she doesn't need to. She handles affairs such as business, like people wanting to have their spiritual assistance.

Tsurumaru Kurusagi - Family Heir, a redtail child, adopted into the family upon them finding out he had the ability to view spirits. Currently still in training, but he seems to take to the possession fairly well so far, although it's said he's only got one so far.

There are said to be other family members, but they aren't known to be as adamant about it.

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