The Chamberlain Family

A collection of player character biographies.
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The Chamberlain Family

Postby DioAliken » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:40 pm

The Chamberlains' are one of the noble blacksmithing houses of Oniga. They are known for the collecting and control of cursed as well as dangerous weapons and armour. This work has earn them quite a lot of respect for stopping there misuse, as well dangerous individuals from acquiring them, and if they do acquire these ungodly wicked instruments of destruction, removing them from there care. Although there work & house is respected in Oniga, there is quite a bit of fear as well as distrust of it member for there use of the cursed weaponry they are meant to control and lock away. Some even whisper they are merely controlling them to stop others challenging there house's power. They has also been challenges by some of the mightier more well know Oniga blacksmithing noble houses and there members are normally treated with disrespect due to them being a blacksmithing house with a inability to craft the weapons they are known for.

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