Ivory Pilgrims [Last updated: 2/22/18]

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Ivory Pilgrims [Last updated: 2/22/18]

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Ivory Pilgrims was founded by the young Priest who sought to have his own home, but he felt like those who shares his faith, should have their own home in Lispool as well. It was then, he decided that the Monastery shall be erected, located in far north west of the Lispool's boundary. With his own hands, and dedication to his skills. He was able to finish the monastery within few months, though he wasn't exactly perfect. He suffered,
and sustain injuries from the process.

There, the Monastery came to be, and the Ivory Pilgrims is now formed.
Here, he hopes to bring in all those that share His faith, a home to belong to truly!
And if you are one. . .

Welcome home.



The Monastery, once again, is located in the border of Lispool, and north west of it.
While quite the distance, occasionally, there will be patrols over the area.
So just almost anywhere in Lordwain, Monastery itself is reasonably a safe place.

ImageIvory RulesImage

  • Mercala Is our Goddess. Do not soil Her Name, or abuse Her Name for Thy Gain. We are no Sun's Ichor. We are Civilized Devotee of her Grace, and we shall follow accordingly. Please bear in mind as you follow the Sacred Divine Light. Else, the White Lady will not be pleased with your Effort to sully the Reputation.
  • Asking for Donations is a Sign of Weakness. Do evade any attempts of begging, or trying to take from one's act of Goodwill. The Ivory Pilgrims are Men, and Women of Efforts. Put your back into the activities, and thy will be Rewarded as proper by those that think you Truly Deserved the Reward.
  • Mercala Testaments is to be Followed. Do not abuse your Blessed Gift so carelessly, else it will lead to careless Strife. The Art of Healing is sacred, and must be in check. Reserves the Healing for even the most Dire situation. If the Wounded is on the Death's Door, or even approaching the dark door. Then Healing shall be Granted, to save the Life for that is Mercala's Will. Though there are several exceptions to the Testaments. It is recommended to speak with the Preacher on it.
  • We are not to be affiliated with the Mercalan Hearts. They are Exclusively Women, and nearly their own Order. We allows both Men, and Women in our own doors. If you are a female, and seek to join an Order. Then I would encourage that You encounters the Member of the Hearts. But do not Contact us for the business that requires the Hearts.
  • Common Sense is Advised, for this is the home to you, if you seek to live in this Hold. Respect others, and never hold to a grudge toward other unless it must be Solved. Then requires the other Priest, or Priestess as Meditator to act as a Third Party to dissolve this Grudge.

ImagePurpose [OOC]Image

Ivory Pilgrims is a guild that was founded around the late september, 2017. It was founded for the wikipedia page, http://sl2.wikia.com/wiki/Guild , to help assist anyone who needed to know how Guild functions. Though originally, the Guild was just to be a wikipedia guild for that very page. It evolved into something else entirely.

It's purpose became into becoming another Guild where Mercalan roleplayers can join without the need of playing a Female to join the Mercalan
Hearts. It originally was intended to be done as for Men. But some people advised, and so the Pilgrims never became male-exclusive in the end.
Here, the Monastery is expanding home where priest/priestess can go to get their own intake of religious-focused roleplay!

If you decided that Ivory Pilgrims is a guild just for you. Awesome, Great! That's nice to know. We'll now continue.

ImageJoining the Ivory PilgrimsImage

Requirement to Join
Over the age of sixteen. Do not attempt, and lie your age! We could find out!
Proves worth of Priest/ess to the Mercala's Grace.
Must at least have some combat experience. [Optional: We'll try, and teach you how to fight!]

If you deemed that you passed all these requirements. Then prove it by confronting, and speaking to the Recruiter.
He'll deem if you are qualifying to join the Ivory Pilgrims.
If you truly do possessed, and you have no Home to return to, and or tend to travel frequently. Then you'll be allowed -
Into the Ivory Pilgrims' Hold. However, if the holding is too full. Then you may not be able to reside in Monastery until expansions.

ImageRoleplay Hook?Image

Click me then![spoiler][list]
[*] Your character is looking for Faith to believe in, or needs someone to convince him that Mercala is a Goddess that he thinks he deserves to worship her.
[*] Your character may needs an Aid of Pilgrim in one of the journey you're going to embark. Into black doors, or somewhere tedious. It is advised that Pilgrims will not go with you to Law's End, or anywhere outside of Oniga.
[*] Your Character may not be able to find a book in their local libraries. They could find one at the Monastery! [We don't have interactable bookcases. Sorry!]
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Re: Ivory Pilgrims

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Preacher's Discord: Skullcat#8484
Numbers of room available: 2
[This numbers will increase when we can get more floors! Don't worry! This is also used to indicate how many guild members we can have joining.]

OOC NOTE: If one of Pilgrim goes inactive after prolonged period. He'll/She'll lose their room, and the rooms counter will increase again, allowing us to bring in more Guildmembers. However, if they do return. They'll have to wait until there is more available rooms.

The Monastery have the Shopkeeper located out front! If you want. You can find something in the Shopkeeper. All prices are relatively cheap, ranging from thousand to three thousands murai at best!

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