Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

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Re: Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

Postby Snake » Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:01 pm

1- Is it possible to roleplay the color of the Glykin's blood as just a 'sacred, golden glow' coloring the fluid to yellow, that slowly fades to red when the blood is no longer 'fresh', or spilled? (The reason being, it's quite... sigh-worth to have people snickering in LOOC due to your 'pee blood' face icons, it's awful to edit the normal red to yellow, in case of face icons. And that bugs me a lot.)

2- If above is not okay, can Glykins have an orange-ish blood color?

3- Recently, Cellsvich was completely ravaged by an event storyline moment. Which countries would be willing to help Cellsvich recover from the attack?

4- Will this make whoever caused such major damage to Sigrogana's capital a common enemy in the world, or the rest of the countries don't care about the main land's problems?

5- Is 'exorcism' a specific application of Mercana, or a standalone ritual? If Mercana, then how Reapers can do it naturally?
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