[QoL] Fishing Variety

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[QoL] Fishing Variety

Post by Exxy » Fri May 25, 2018 9:30 pm

So... in-game, there's a few good spots you can fish at: Dormeho, the Coastal Cove, Chaturanga, the Cellsvich Sewers but you're bound to run in to the same catch no matter where you go. Naturally, I've thought a few ways to spice up fishing so there's more to it:

-Increase bite rates (when you trigger the QTE to catch the fish) while it's raining (and to increase potential sizes caught while it's raining during a fishing tournament).
-Give each fishable area its own unique catch (I.E. Chaturanga gets Hammerhead Sharks, Cellsvich gets a Tunnel Sewer fish or some such, Dormeho has mudfish, etc).
-Add in the ability to fish up things other than fish* (anything from a useless old boot that can be disassembled for rubber or leather, a message-in-a-bottle that has the chance to be something new or a treasure map - if anyone else has suggestions for this part, it'd be appreciated).
-*Ordinary worm bait gets its own special effect. Instead of how the Fishing Contest bait allows you to fish for a specific type of catch, worm bait allows you to have an increased chance of snagging a non-fishy catch (like a worn-out boot or message in a bottle).

If anyone else has any constructive input or ideas to throw in, it'd be appreciated.
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