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The guild Ephemeral was founded by a man who will some day be known as Grind Knight. He previously was known by his birth name in Chaturanga where he was a well respected knight. During the Onigan war, Grind Knight felt that since the culture of Oniga was similar to his own hometown, he joined on the side of Oniga. They needed a change of leadership to become more powerful and he wished to help them obtain it.

Though in the end Oniga loses the war, so our knight escapes to Karaten where he asks for an enhanced body to grant him the strength to return and achieve his goals by force.

Powerful Karaten magic stripped a significant portion of humanity from the man and has given him the machine-like desire to train, to achieve, and to grind away towards his goals. He leaves behind his given name to simply become Grind Knight.

Now he is interested in vengeance. He wants to bear the weight of punishing those responsible for defeating Oniga and his dreams of a stronger continent. He recruits other men who seek this type of destruction. Life can be so ephemeral when your group steals it from their victims. And so it is the name Grind Knight has given to his group.

Grind Knight has forgotten the taste of food. He has forgotten how to cry. He can't even remember his real name. But the one element of humanity which was not stripped from him in pursuit of a more powerful body was the feeling of comradery. He remembers the men who fought and died with him during the war, and how easily it could have been him on the ground in a pool of blood. Therefore Ephemeral will sacrifice all things in pursuit of power - their vices, their families, their individual goals. But the one thing that cannot be sacrificed is friendship. One man alone cannot sieze continental power, and thus the strength of their friendship must keep this group together. It must be their anchor to reality as they punish their minds and their bodies to become the greatest warriors on the continent.

And although Grind Knight himself does not have the magical skills to put his guild members through the same process he underwent, he does award outstanding members with honorary nicknames to signify their devotion to the pursuit of power; the "Grind" prefix is this badge of honor.

OOC Contact

Should you wish to join or if you have any questions, you can PM me through the SL2 Discord server. My name is Zeke. Or you can PM me on the forums here with your Discord name and I will add you.

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