House LeFarz

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House LeFarz

Post by Ryuzaki » Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:24 pm

House LeFarz:

House LeFarz is a moderately sized, wealthy house of Zerans originating from Redgate, Alstalsia.
Where house Echor made their fortune in the mining business, their distant familial ties in LeFarz came up in investment and security details. Performing everything from monster hunting, to smithing, crafting, tailoring and banking.

This noble house currently seems to be spreading their influence beyond their homeland, looking for ties in Kysei, Gold, Lordwain, and of course Sigrogana as means of spreading their influence, wealth, and power.

Usually, a member of the LeFarz family can be identified by their uniform's colors. Often formal, jet black and crimson. They even often go as far as painting their horns a decorative red, as observed by the house's youngest daughter, Sera. A color scheme which matches the uniforms of Rosa Cremisi Academi, an academy they are known to financially support in Alstalsia.

If you'd be interested in playing a LeFarz, or tying your noble house to them in some way. Feel free to contact me here on the forums, or via Discord (Ryuzaki#8667) for more information.

(relation to Echor has been requested and approved as of the date of this post going live, by Slydria.)