Level Up! (But without any enthusiasm)

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Re: Level Up! (But without any enthusiasm)

Post by Fern » Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:40 pm

I've seen a lot of new players ask "what's the fastest way to grind" and get directed at the tower. It's also occasionally pointed out in the OOC that they should avoid using that for a while, because otherwise they won't learn as much about the game.

And then they end up going to the tower anyway.

Dungeoning can get pretty repetitive and inevitably dull, but I'd like to think that it's not correct to blame Dev for this like some people do, when most of the tweaking suggestion focus ends up going into PVP. Maybe it'd be different if that focus was set on PVE for a while instead. I have to agree with Chaos and Spoops here.

However I'm of the opinion that if tower grinding is removed before the ordinary method of grinding becomes less soul-numbing to people, then popularity will vastly decrease as people wait for thr update. A similar thing has happened with the trait rework's wait, but at least people have been gradually coming back.

Another problem I see with the grind is that you face high risk for the same reward as a normal difficulty battle. Maybe making the stronger/lethal mobs grant more EXP is one way to alleviate the issue.

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