Talent: Cartography

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Talent: Cartography

Post by Syeburn » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:21 am

This is a very rough example, but I think the idea alone sparks interest for a potential discussion.

I think a interesting suggestion would be adding a Cartography talent that, by putting points into, would allow you and everyone in your party to have access to a map while in dungeons. Some suggestions for different subtalents include things like,

Land Marks - Important things such as chests/doors/stairs/everythingelseinthedungeon are marked on your map as well as the lay of the land. More points into this gives a more detailed reading of the environment, noting down more and more as they progress in this skill.

Divination - The best maps are magical maps. Through scrying or some other means, the cartographer is able to reveal land unseen by their own eye. This extends the range of the map by tiles equal to the rank in the skill, allowing them to see a short distance over walls and into the next room and such. Another sub-thingie could be updating the map in real time once its complete instead of having to track back to update it.

Let me know what you think. I am a very stupid man so I will not surprised if this is very stupid too. Thank you.

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Re: Talent: Cartography

Post by Fern » Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:07 pm

This is an interesting idea. I'd be up for a talent like this. Just an idea, but maybe the map shown could be similar to the one from the Etrian Odyssey games, although you don't fill it as you go and instead have it complete in this case.

http://faqsmedia.ign.com/faqs/image/art ... ey_b1f.jpg

The map I speak of.

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