Since the Trait Rework is winding down, I wanted to go over the final changes that will be implemented for it soon.

Removed Traits
Old Stat Traits - These are the traits that give +1 to a specific stat. The reason these are being removed is mainly because the large amount of stat points you could gain from investing almost solely in them was often considered a mandatory investment, especially for PvP. One of the goals of the trait rework was to remove traits that were considered 'required', as this sort of nullified the trait system, or at least make it much less interesting. Stats Per Level is being increased to 4 (from 3.5), which will more than help compensate for the loss of points this removal results in.

Improvisation & Application - These traits let you use subclass weapons as sub/main weapons respectively. The talent rework made these feel unnecessary, so I cut them from the list.

Agile Feet & Afterimage - These two dodge-centric traits were obviously mandatory for any dodge based characters and it skewed balance by being such a large passive bonus.

Exceptional Health & Exceptional Focus - These traits were just lumps of good stats, so they're gone for similar reasons as the old stat traits. Exceptional Skill will remain available, however.

Haggler - This has been out of the game for a long while now and I don't really want to bring it back. You might not have even been aware it existed at one point.

Adjusted Traits
Anti-Status - This trait has been reworked into a new trait called Arcane Tattoo (Warding), which is similar to Arcane Tattoo (Barrier). It gives +40% Status Resistance to the first status infliction you are hit with every battle.

Sharp Claws - This trait has been changed to apply an On Hit effect for your Fist/Unarmed attacks. It deals protection ignoring Slash damage equal to 50% of your Scaled STR, but causes you to lose HP equal to half of that amount. Sharper Claws has been removed with this change. The Old Beast prayer status which boosts Claw damage still applies to this On Hit damage, but it doesn't increase the self damage effect.

Sixth Sense - This trait will now apply as long as anyone in the party has it, not just the party leader.

Bright Darkness - The effect has been changed. It no longer gives Light Resistance. It now causes Holy's bonus damage modifier to be reduced by (100-Current Essence)%. For example, at 50 Essence, it is reduced by 50%, so it becomes 25% bonus damage (instead of 50%). At 0 Essence, Holy does no bonus damage. This was adjusted because it was something every Vampire would take it help mitigate the Holy enchant's effects while still receiving the maximum benefits of their race. Now, Holy weapons pose a more serious threat, but you can somewhat mitigate it during battle by spending Essence, or purposefully keeping yourself below the maximum capacity to be more flexible.

Specialization - Now has a 20 Aptitude requirement.

Daily Prayer - Now has a 10 Faith requirement (from 1 Faith; this was a relic requirement from the days when growths were in the game).

History Traits - I removed the text showing which stats it boosts from the name. Since it's much easier to view descriptions in the new trait interface, and because they're all organized in a predictable fashion, there was no need for it. They didn't even display properly anyway.

Die Hard - Vitality requirement increased to 20 (from 15). The description has been updated to reflect the 10 round cooldown.

Default Traits
These traits have been made a default mechanic instead of requiring a trait to unlock. Every character will receive them.

Tactician - 7M is now the default amount of Momentum received for all characters, including monsters, so take caution.
Skip - There was no reason to keep this as a trait since it was required and universally useful.
Kick - Given to all characters as it is situationally useful. Naga characters do not receive this action.
Sub-Attack - You can now attack with your sub-weapon by default.
On Guard - Knockdown is a powerful status and not having this was a bad decision on your part. Now, it's simply the effect of the Knocked Down status to apply this effect, and the description of the status has been updated to reflect this.


The free respec for traits will remain for a little while longer after these changes, while people get used to the new traits and so on. It will go back to requiring a specific Fruit item sometime in the future, so be aware.


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