New Mage Skills
  • Whispering Cant - Passive. Allows you to use the simple spells offered by the Mage base class even while you are Silenced, but increases their FP cost by 50% while under that effect.
  • Fire Fairy - A fairy made of fire floats near yourself or target ally, increasing their STR. After each movement step, they will also destroy all Ice Sheets within 1 Range (up to Rank*2 Ice Sheets). Also grants a special skill called Fairy Fly that uses up the buff to destroy a circle of Ice Sheets up to 6 Range away.
  • Ice Fairy - A fairy made of ice floats near yourself or target ally, increasing their SKI. It will also lower their next instance of Fire damage taken by 50%. Also grants a special skill called Fairy Fall that uses up the buff to destroy a circle of Cinders up to 6 Range away.
  • Relent Gale - An invisible wind that follows yourself or target ally, increasing their CEL. In addition, knockback/pull effects that put enemies within 1 Range of you (whether it's you or them), it will suddenly push back, knocking back all enemies within 1 Range 2 times, and knock them down (once). Also grants a special skill called Quick Gale that uses up the buff to push nearby enemies away.
  • Static Air - Charges the air around yourself or target ally, increasing their LUC. In addition, it will deal Lightning damage equal to Rank*5 when you evade an enemy attack (once). Also grants a special skill called Static Excel that uses up the buff to quickly activate Charge Weapon.
  • Rectifer - Spell. Deals Lightning damage to all enemies within a 2 Range circle around you. If you are enchanted with Redgull, this damage cannot be Reflected.
New Donation Items
  • Rainbow Rose; 300 Asagorians. Lets you customize the color of rose petals from Vent Petale, and lets you create the visual effect when you move on the map (except the overworld).
  • Golden Bonesaw; 200 Asagorians. Infinite use bonesaw item.
  • Golden Bucket; 200 Asagorians. Infinite use bucket for watering plants.
Excel Crash

A new system that lets you use weapon charges for certain spells to enhance them. Requirements are as follows;
  • 1) The spell must have the Excel Crash icon in its skill board description. (Similar to Elemental Impact. Unlike EI, you can click the Excel Crash icon to see what the effects are.)
  • 2) You must have at least 1 level of Weapon Charge.
  • 3) The casting tool must be capable of using weapon charges. (IE, Excelgraph, Burst Claw, etc.)
When you cast the spell, the weapon charges will be expended and activate all applicable effects; IE, if you consume Weapon Charge LV2, you will get both the LV1 and LV2 effects. By default, the effects you get follow this pattern:

LV1 - Ignores Evasion.
LV2 - Spell specific benefit.
LV3 - +25% Damage Boost.

The following is a list of spells which support Excel Crash in this version, as well as the LV2 effect. More will be added in future updates.
  • Fir - +3 Range. Pierces enemies. Projectile hitbox and size increased.
  • Miu - +3 Range. Projectile hitbox and size increased.
  • Isendo - Magnetize pull effect strengthened by 3. Size increased by 1. Enemies who take the close bonus damage are knocked Airborne.
  • Vyd - Hit pattern changed to a 1 Range Circle.
  • Rye - Hit pattern changed to a 2 Range Circle.
Walking Monster AI Behavior Changes
  • Movement is faster. No longer has random delays when stepping.
  • Reaction is faster if you walk into their field of vision.
  • Optimized some dungeon and vision checks. (Not very draining, but moreso than I liked.)
Walking Monster AI Additions
The following only applies to Argentyle Cavern snakeman enemies currently. Please provide feedback on their performance; if positive, it will be transferred to other walking enemies, and more AI patrol types may be added.
2 new patrol modes: Rigid Wander and Guard.
  • Rigid Wander mode enemies will want to walk in certain directions longer. Snakeman Sniper uses this behavior.
  • Guard mode enemies will not move from their location until alerted, but will turn every so often. Snakeman Knight uses this behavior.
  • Snakeman Mage will use the old behavior (just for comparison).
Class Changes

  • Fir - Animation update.
  • Miu - Animation update. Now a projectile, similar to Fir. Projectile pierces enemies by default.
  • Vyd - Animation update. Lingering slash damage increased from LV Rank*2 to Rank*5.
  • Rye - Animation update. Damage falloff removed. No longer has the projectile tag.
  • Air Pressure - Animation update.
  • Swap Position - Animation update. Airborne Compatible. Effect changed; (Caster and target swap locations, faced directions, and airborne states, as if both had stepped on the new location. If the target was Airborne and the caster was not, the target is Knocked Down.) This will trigger traps and field objects and etc. Added need target flag (to prevent casting it on nothing).
  • Astral Belt - Animation update. DEF bonus reduced to Rank*1 (from Rank*2). Now grants a skill called Astral Gravity to the target. (Astral Gravity - 1M. Granted by Astral Belt. Pulls all enemies in a 2 Range circle towards you, 3 times. Afterwards, Astral Belt ends.)
  • Stone Dragon - Base FP cost changed to 20 (from 25). Elemental ATK Ratio changed to 80 + 10 per Rank (from 65 + 5). Bonus damage from Astral Belt contact increased to LV * 4.
  • Lance de Lion - Now costs 4M (from 3M).
  • Eclair Lacroix - Now costs 4M (from 3M).
  • Crystal Rose - Frozen now only applies from Kraken enchant.
Demon Hunter
  • Cobra Stance - Effects that ignore evasion will no longer trigger Cobra's dodge.
Monster Changes

  • Burrowed's damage reduction changed to 20+Level%. Earth damage is no longer reduced at all.
Item Changes

Moonlight Mercy
  • Weapon effect that boosts critical damage now only applies to the weapon itself.
Tainted (Curse)
  • Demerit of -1 to all stats changed to -10% Status Resist.
Status Effect Changes

  • Bestows Frozen immunity briefly when it ends. Now grants a 3M skill called Struggle that reduces the LV of it by your total STR.
  • You can now use the second-target verb to toggle secondary targeting for skills that have it.
  • Player count is now displayed as part of the login message when you join the game.
  • Discord link added to the Helpful Links section.
  • Militia who join you for training now appear at the top of your mercenary list (so you do not have to reorganize them to make them join).
  • Random dungeon floors now display the floor number when you enter them.


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