Skill Quotes
  • You can now use the win quotes page to add quotes that will be displayed when you use skills.
  • Each quote has a Skill Name and a Skill Tag; Skill Name should be the same as the skill you want it to display for. Skill Tag should be blank unless the skill has special quote timings.
  • You can use multiple quotes for the same skill.
  • Conditions (except Blowout) for quotes will be taken into account.
  • Quotes that have a Skill Name specified will not be used as actual win quotes.
Damage Number Display

  • Now displays above the target briefly after taking damage per instance.
  • Element is displayed within a border.
  • The border's colored is determined by the target's resistance; grey for neutral, red for weak, green for resist. (Note: As in, if they trigger weak/resist bonuses/penalties.)
New Mirror Shards
  • Courtesy of Zeke. 5 total.
  • Crusader Helm (1) & (2), Knight Helmet, Crusader Tabard, Grey Tabard
New Talent Subpaths

  • Steady - While you do not have a Shield or Sub-Weapon equipped: increases Hit of Gun weapons by SR * 2. Doubled for Rifle weapons.
  • Protector - Keeping the weak safe is a knight's duty. When you trigger the Protect skill, gain SR * 1 Armor and Magic Armor until your next turn.
Talent Changes

  • Grapple now has a 1 round cooldown.
Class Changes

  • Sakki - Max rank changed to 1. Effect changed; When applied by Kagekiri or Hirazuki, it reduces the target's Critical Evade versus you by 15 for 3 rounds.
  • Touki - Max rank changed to 1. Effect changed; When applied by Toiken and Raijinken, it reduces the target's Evade versus you by 15 for 3 rounds.
  • Kenki - Max rank changed to 1. Effect changed; When applied by Sharenzan or Wazabane, it reduces the target's Hit versus you by 15 for 3 rounds.
  • Channel Spirit - Max rank changed to 3. FP Recovery is now equal to 3 + Rank.
  • Yomidori - Hit penalty changed to Rank * 5 (from Rank * 10).
  • Katana Master - Max rank changed to 1. Effect changed; At the start of battle: If you only have Katana weapons equipped, gain a permanent status that boosts the Power of your Katana weapons, Yomidori, Sakki, Touki, and Kenki. This boost is lost if you swap weapons.
  • Absolute Death - Max rank changed to 3. 2 round CD. Effect changed; Can only target an enemy affected by your Sakki. Carry the absolute will of death against them. By targetting 1 enemy within 3 Range, they gain Marked for Death LV X (X = Half of Sakki LV, plus 3*Rank) for Y rounds (Y = 1 + Sakki's remaining duration). (Marked for Death increases physical damage taken by the inflictor by LV%.)
  • Absolute Pace - Max rank changed to 3. 2 round CD. Effect changed; Can only target an enemy affected by your Touki. The Kensei subtlely draws one enemy within X Range (based on Rank) into their pace, baiting their attacks intentionally for Y (Y = Touki's Remaining Duration + Touki's LV/10) Rounds. During that time, if the target attacks the Kensei and the Kensei evades it, then they gain Battle Flow for 2 rounds. (Battle Flow causes the next Kensei active skill to gain bonus damage equal to 100% of your Scaled STR and always trigger its combo effect).
  • Absolute Fear - Max rank changed to 3. 2 round CD. Effect changed; Can only target an enemy affected by your Kenki. The Kensei shines an intimidating, intense gaze towards one enemy, instilling their Kenki deep in the mind of the victim. Inflicts Fear and Hesitation (LV = Rank*2 + Kenki's LV) to the target. If Kenki's LV is at least 20, it also inflicts Silence. Fear duration is X + 1, Hesitation duration is X, Silence duration is X - 1. (X = Kenki's remaining duration, min. 1 round).
  • Quick Draw - Applies Touki to the enemy when it's triggered.
  • Sacred Art - If you have a Starsign, its element is used where applicable.
  • Combo Effect: Kensei offensive skills have a special effect that activates in the following conditions:
    1) The skill has not been used this round.
    2A) At least one Kensei offensive skill has been used this round.
    2B) Battle Flow's effect is applying to this skill.
  • Kagekiri - Combo Effect: Ignores evasion. After the dash, you turn around towards the way you came.
  • Toiken - Combo Effect: Affected tiles that have field objects are blown away 3 tiles away from you.
  • Hirazuki - Combo Effect: Skewer the target several times, inflicting Fray LV X (X = Rank * 3) on them until your next turn, before damage is dealt.
  • Raijinken - Combo Effect: All enemies within 3 Range of the target are also hit by the skill.
  • Sharenzan - Combo Effect: The target is swung around, hitting all enemies within 1 Range for half damage and knockback, then the normal skill effect takes place.
  • Wazabane - Bonus Hit/Critical reduced to 2 * Rank. Can now gain Battle Flow's effect. Combo Effect: Gains Guard Break properties.
Demon Hunter
  • Nitrogen Drop - Damage multiplier increased to 4 + 1 per Rank (from 2 + 1 per Rank).
  • Goring Horns - Cursed Wound duration changed to 1 * Rank (from 1 + 1 * Rank).
  • Bellowing Stag - Now requires at least 10 Rage Energy. Now has a 1 round cooldown.
  • Know No Pain - Does not trigger versus damage which ignores armor or protection.
  • Curse Skills - Curse skills can now target any allied unit within 3 Range (instead of just yourself).
  • Black Bubble - Dark Water created by this skill changed to Puddling Dark Water. (Puddling Dark Water is functionally identical to normal Dark Water, but it will not activate until the start of a new round.)
  • Dark Invasion - Main class only. Status infliction bonus changed to 1*Rank% (from 2*Rank%). Still doubled by Cursed/Doomed.
  • Payback - Status resist penalty changed to 5*Rank% (from 5% + 10% per Rank). Now only lasts for one status infliction attempt.
Magic Gunner
  • Akimbo - Damage dealt per shot is now equal to the Gun's Power.
Item Changes
  • Yin & Yang - Now have the Muddle potential skill.
  • Yin & Yang (Double Dao) - Now costs 3 Momentum. FP cost increased to 30. Now has a 3 round cooldown. When used, both guns gain 2 additional rounds for 2 rounds.
  • Tamaki Shuriken (Acid Flower) - No longer performs an attack on a target if the projectile is refracted.
  • Added staircases facing south, east, and west to the basic house tile list.
  • Feast Tables can now be set up in player houses. They can be destroyed by anyone with Editor permissions (Shift+Click). They despawn when the house unloads, so be careful.
  • Narrate button added to house controls.
  • Basic attack effects that have Guard Break properties now ignore parries.
  • Skip can no longer have its duration increased by Meditate/etc.


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