New Races
Added 3 new player races, and 6 new traits for them.
  • Wild Elf - Ancient race. Elves from the jungles of Egwyn.
  • Theno - Corrupted race. Aquatic singers from the southern waters.
  • Omina - Other race. Black cats and winged luck stealers.
Town Map
  • Added a new button to the HUD when you're inside of certain towns. Using this button lets you quickly travel to certain locations within the town (such as shops, etc.)
  • Using this feature to avoid RP situations/etc. will result in punishment.
Looking For Group Listing (LFG)
  • A listing has been added to the right side of the interface under LFG, which lets you see other players who are looking for parties for dungeons and so on.
Item Changes
  • Battlepick - Now deals Pierce damage.
  • Quicksand - Now has a 2 round cooldown.
  • Miragewalk - Now only triggers for movement skills that cost 3M or more.
  • Retreating Swipe - Cinders LV changed to 50% of Fire ATK. Maximum base retreat under Charging Strike now 5 (+2 from Talvyd applies after this cap).
Demon Hunter
  • Winged Serpent - Max distance reduced to 1 + Rank.
  • An eye indicator now displays above characters watching a battle.
  • Link to reconnect added to the reboot message.


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