Game Optimizations
Optimized several functions of the game to improve server performance.
  • Ability lookup is now cached better, as well as Youkai sync skills.
  • Diagonal turf lookup results are now cached when looking at mobs until they move to a different tile.
  • Automated Shopkeepers which have expired are no longer saved in the main on-map shop file and are instead delivered as individual files in the player's savefile directory, making saving to this file require less time.
New Donation Item
Added a new donation item to the Asago shop.
  • Rainbow Note - This book has a hundred and one songs, and after looking into it, it'll be hard not to have a song in your step. While active, song notes will appear as you walk around outside of battle. The color of the notes is random, unless you set them to your own chosen color. This can be toggled on and off, but does not stack with other walk effect items, such as the Rainbow Rose.
New Occult Talent
Galdr - The power of song is harmless, but powerful, capable of inspiring listeners to do great feats. Galdr is an almost magical quality that some are capable of, infusing their voice and song with power.
  • Performance - Lets you use Performance Tools. Listeners will receive up to 1 beneficial effect from you that lasts longer the more they listen.
  • Potency - Increases your Sound ATK by SR * 1.
New Trait Icons
  • Added a bunch of trait icons courtesy of Slydria and Kunai.
Item Changes
  • Battlepick - Now deals Pierce damage.
  • Quicksand - Now has a 2 round cooldown.
  • Miragewalk - Now only triggers for movement skills that cost 3M or more.
Icon Parts
  • Added several new icon parts submitted on the forums, including some hair icons and some torso icons.
Magic Gunner
  • Chain Shell - Area of Effect attacks now only apply the shell as a single target effect. (Currently this affects Jackhammer and Lead Storm.)
Black Knight
  • Checkmate - Max rank changed to 3. Cooldown time changed to 2. FP cost changed to 25/20/15. Additional effect added; If the target is Immobilized or Flatfooted, the attack cannot miss.
Item Changes
  • Electric Guitar - Now only applies if the weapon itself critically hits. Rarity changed to 7. Range of effect changed to 3. Damage increased to Power * 2.
  • Shine Sword - Scaling changed to 70% STR, 35% FAI.
Monster Changes
  • Monster Armor; Changed to 0.2 * Level Armor/Magic Armor and 0.3 * Level Evade. (Roughly 50%/25% weaker.)
  • Strength now gives +3 Max HP for every base point (your racial base + points invested. Does not count APT/etc).
  • Liches can now use hair icon parts as long as they have the Synthetic Hair trait.
  • Fruit of Fluidity no longer resets your traits. It will check the validity of your traits at the start of the next battle you enter instead.
  • You can now Shift+Left Click traits you have acquired to lock them. Locked traits will not be removed when you reset your traits. (If you lock traits that require other traits, which are not locked, they will still be removed, so be careful.)
  • New communication verb - Song, which is like say, only you sing.


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