Battle Bonuses
Added a new system where you can gain bonus EXP in battles against monsters by performing certain in-combat actions.
  • For example, you can get the Chivalrous bonus by attacking according to the Chivalry talent's requirements 3 times, which gives an 8% bonus at the end of the battle.
  • Different bonuses can stack.
New Evoker Skills
  • Absorb Power - Open your mind and body to absorb power from the world around you. Can only be used while your FP is below 50% of your maximum FP. You gain 20+(Rank*10) FP Regeneration and reduce your Status Resistance by 15% for 3 rounds. 5 round CD.
  • Tattoo Refresh - Fill your arcane tattoos with power, allowing you activate Arcane Tattoo trait effects. You also gain Tattoo Refresh for 2 rounds, which doubles the effectiveness of your Arcane Tattoo skill. 5 round CD.
  • Ephemeral Insight - Focus your mind to the highest level possible. While equipped, when you use Charge Mind while you already have Charge Mind active, you gain Ephemeral Insight for 2 rounds (your Charge Mind duration also becomes 2 rounds). Ephemeral Insight causes the next spell that can be boosted by Charge Mind to deal Akashic damage instead of its original damage type and then ends. When Ephemeral Insight ends, you gain Worn Out LV 50 for 3 rounds.
New Black Knight Skill
  • Unmoving - Every move a Black Knight makes should be deliberate. Until your next turn, inflicts Immobilize and Unmoving on yourself. Unmoving prevents pull and push effects from affecting you, and grants immunity to Vydel's movement effects (though you still take damage).
New Curate Skill
  • Roar of Life - Fill all other allied units with a divine energy, applying the Charge Weapon skill to them once. 1 round CD.
Monster Changes
  • Added monster armor to all of the remaining bosses and monsters that did not have them.
  • Added the different wandering monster AI types that were in Argentyle Caverns to wandering monsters that appear in other dungeon types.
Player Trap Changes
  • Damage traps now deal 25%/50%/60% damage depending on the type (from 5%/10%/15%).
  • Instead of instantly expiring when triggered, they enter a disabled state for 10 minutes. While disabled, you can double click them to reset the trap. If not reset before the 10 minutes expire, the trap will destroy itself.
  • When using a skill that can be resized, a new interface will appear at the bottom of the screen showing the details (min/max size, FP cost, etc.).
  • When targeting a skill, an Accept and Cancel button will appear on the screen.
  • Health Panel HUD button will now have a red border if you have an untreated wound that can become infected.
  • Using Legend Extension or a Fruit of Fluidity will grant temporary immunity to movement penalties from items. This will expire if you enter a dungeon.
  • Damage pop-up adjusted; text color now reflects resist/weak, border removed, multiple instances pop-up gradually, total damage shown.


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