New Engineer Skills
  • Deploy: Railgan - Deploys a robot with long-range capabilities at a target location in 5 Range. Although it cannot move, it has access to a powerful long-range rail shot that deals Light magic damage, provided it can charge up for a turn. When a Bot is destroyed, it will leave behind Scrap at its current location. You can pick it up to reduce the FP cost of the next Deploy skill you use. (Notes: 10 Range, evasion and protection ignoring Light magic damage Invocation. 300% SWA/100% Light ATK. Can't be stolen.)
  • Deploy: M.A.P. - Deploys a mobile platform at a target location within 5 Range. Your machines can attach to this platform; when you use the basic Movement skill, all machines within 1 Range also move along with you. Useful for keeping your machines at effective and useful ranges.
New Engineer Bot Skills
  • All - Calibrate; The unit becomes calibrated manually, granting it Calibrated for 3 rounds. While active, this unit's Hit is determined by its creator's stats instead of its own.
  • Metalaegis - Scapegoat Shield; Targets 1 ally within 1 Range and gives them Ready To Hide Behind until this unit's next turn. While active, if the target is within 1 Range of this unit and would take damage from an enemy, this unit takes that damage instead.
Engineer Skill Changes
  • Flamethrower - SWA Ratio changed to 80% + 10% per Rank (from 80% + 5%). Can now inflict Fear.
  • All Upgrade Skills - Max rank changed to 3. Base duration increased by 2.
  • Upgrade (Flamethrower) - Now also gives Power equal to Rank * 5 for the duration.
  • Upgrade (Launcher) - Now also gives Hit equal to Rank * 5 for the duration.
  • Upgrade (Jetpack) - Now also gives Evade equal to Rank * 5 for the duration.
  • Upgrade (Electro Shield) - Now also gives Critical equal to Rank * 5 for the duration.


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