Role System
  • Added and began testing a new system known as the Role System.
  • This system lets player characters apply for various roles in towns (currently, for testing purposes, only 1 is available) and be responsible for certain things in the town.
  • Currently, only Medical Head is available; Medical Heads are responsible for treating patients in the clinic of their town.
  • Roles have Quotas; these are responsibilities that must be met by the end of the in-game month. Failing to do so results in the role's Approval dropping; if it drops too low, the person in that role may be kicked and barred from that role and replaced with another applicant. (If no one has applied to that role, another applicant will be picked on the next valid week (days 7, 14, 21, 28).
  • Roles receive a Murai payment every in-game month based on their Approval rating (higher Approval = higher pay).
  • This system also interacts with the regional record system added a while back. They will use town supplies and have impacts on various stats of the town (for example, Medical Heads impact the Health value of the town. A lower Health value means more patients spawn in the clinic, the Medical Head has a higher Patients Treated quota, and emergency patients spawn more frequently.
  • Roles can add up to 50 staff members; actions can be restricted to only be allowed by staff members with the correct level of clearance.
  • Roles can also trigger in-game events using Marks from their Treasury.
  • As more roles are added to the game, the systems involved may become more complex and intertwined with each other.
New Weapon Potentials
  • Added weapon potentials to the following weapons:
  • Spectre Sword
  • Dagger
  • Electric Axe
  • Burst Claw
  • Siphon
  • Magical Nova
  • Zerotrain
  • Bow of the Green Forest
New House Items
  • Added a new Spooky DISCer by Dyst.
  • Added 24 new house furniture also by Dyst. They can be bought from the Spooky Furniture "Salesman" outside of Darkwood Manor.


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