Water Sourcer
  • A new player role, Water Sourcer, has been added (currently in partial tests, not available in all towns yet).
  • Create water routes to water sources to collect water for the town, so that they don't die of thirst.
  • Players may visit one of the Waterstores to inspect the water for cleanliness and/or purify tainted water so that it's safe to consume.
  • Speak to the Water Advisor in one of the Waterstores for more information.
Chatbox QoL
  • Added LOOC channel toggle.
  • Chatbox color is now saved on a per-character basis (if set after the update).
  • Clicking links no longer causes the chat to scroll to the very top.
  • Added setting 'Block Disabled Channels' which will prevent channels you have disabled from sending you messages (and thereby culling old ones when the message limit is reached).
  • Added setting 'Bubbles Always On Left' that makes it so the say/etc bubbles always appear on the left side of the textbox.
Rune Magician
  • Razor Rune - Damage changed to 5 * Rune Level (from 10 * Rune Level).
  • Warding Rune - Spikes are now attackable. At Rune Level 2 or higher, spikes do not spawn in the same row/column of tiles that the rune occupies.
  • Swift Rune Crafting - Can no longer have its duration extended.
  • Gravestone - Now only halves damage taken by Wraithguard.
  • When an Immobilize status effect ends, if it was not caused by yourself, you gain immunity to Immobilize (similar to Frozen Immunity).
  • Mousing over a Rune now shows its effective tile range.
  • Added Blissey's version of the Lispool clinic map.
  • Added a bunch of new skill and trait icons courtesy of Kunai.
  • Several new mirror shards by Krunch.


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