Automated Shopkeeper Interface Renewal
  • The interface for the ASK has been redone.
  • You can swap item positions by dragging and dropping them, change prices and other settings easily, and so on.
  • Preview:
Icon Part Splitting
  • Several torso icon parts can now be split into separate sections, allowing you to color/etc. them individually.
  • When you click on a supported icon part, it will give the option to add it as a whole piece (as in, how it works now) or as separate individual parts.
  • As of writing this, there are 10 icon parts that support this. More will be added when they are finished.
  • NOTE The separated icons are all grayscale versions.
New Icon Parts
  • Added 8 new icon parts (in 2 Mirror Shards) by Shujin.
  • Added a lot of new icon parts (in several Mirror Shards) by August..
New Class Skills
  • Evoker - Evoke Retaliation; Play with fire, and... you know the rest. When you evade a basic attack, you gain Evoke Retaliation for 2 rounds, which increases the Power of your spells by 10, as well as your Critical by 10 (but only for Lightning Criticals).
  • Rogue - Empty Pockets; The good thing about people attacking you is that they don't notice stuff missing. When you evade a basic attack, you gain +15% success rate to your next Steal within 3 rounds, and if it's successful, the target cannot use items until your next turn.
  • Curate - Grace of God; It's a miracle you weren't hurt. When you evade a basic attack, you gain Grace of God for 3 rounds. When you Pray, Grace of God is consumed to guarantee it will activate a bonus effect.
  • Verglas - Brain Freeze; The icy chill of your movements locks down your enemies. When you evade a basic attack, a random skill the attacker has equipped is put on a 1 round cooldown (or 2 rounds if you have an Ice Point Guard active).
  • Boxer - Krahenflugel; The storm only gets worse if you anger it. When you evade a basic attack, your Schwarz Sturm level raises by 1.
  • Engineer - Security System; It's not nice to play rough. When you evade a basic attack, if you have a Turret deployed, it will attack your attacker regardless of distance. (This can only trigger once per turn.)
  • Pure Power - Max rank changed to 1. Power bonus per unequipped item changed to 10.
  • Rising Game - Rising Game level changed from 1 per 10% missing HP to 1 per 15% missing HP. Now represented by a gauge in battle.
Martial Artist
  • Evasive Strike - Max rank changed to 1. Damage changed to half of character level (or 10, whichever is higher) that ignores protection and evasion.
  • Pray - Added sound effect/animation for Pray's Divine Lightning effect. Damage from Divine Lightning now comes from the victim (instead of the user).


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