Water Sourcer
  • Added the Water Sourcer role to Oniga, Chaturanga, Karaten, Alstalsia, and Lispool.
  • There is now a chance to receive certain items when checking and purifying water barrel, including Black Pearls and Youkai gems, among others. (The chance is higher when purifying tainted water.)
  • Added several sets of barrels to Fort Arjav for prisoners to inspect/purify if they choose.
New Traits
  • Strict Sleeper; Your sleep is not flexible. You pick an hour between 1 and 24; this is your bedtime. Resting at an inn within 1 hour of your bedtime refreshes you, restoring 50% of your max. Phys and Mental Stamina (once a day). If you miss this window, you become Strictly Sleepy, increasing your chance to receive wounds by 10% until you rest at an inn.
  • Red Skies; Phenex only. Skilled with the use of their wings, the Phenex becomes capable of limited flight, similar to Corbies. This grants them the Gain Air racial skill. (Leap into the air and hover briefly with your wings, giving you Airborne status. (Airborne status interacts with certain specific skills and has no effect on its own.))
  • Competitive; You want to be the very best, like no one ever was. When you deal damage to an enemy, if it's the highest amount of damage that has been dealt during the battle, you gain Competitive Hubris LV 10, which increases Status Resistance by 10%. This status lasts for the entirety of the battle, or until someone (ally or enemy) outdoes your sick damage.
  • Exaggerator; Sometimes the edge you need is a good story, even if it's... mostly untrue. Grants the skill Exaggerate in battle. (Tell (or make up) a tale about some great deed you've done to all your enemies, attempting to intimidate them. Grants a status-infliction based chance to inflict Hesitate LV 20 to all enemies in the battle for 3 rounds. Every enemy who buys it recovers your Momentum by 1 (up to a max of 3). (80% normal infliction rate, +Scaled STR%, because it's more convicing if you look the part! Best used with skill quotes.)) 10 round CD.
Byakko & Seiryuu
  • Added Byakko's ascended appearance.
  • Adjusted Seiryuu's ascended appearance to the final version.


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