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Full Version: Lispool Tavern & Inn
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Located next to the Asago building in Lispool lies the Lispool Tavern & Inn. Alongside the usual services, the Tavern offers a request system. Patrons are welcome to bring in the requested materials below and will be compensated with murai. Regulars may have noticed a few changes regarding what may be traded in.

Rooms are 10-15 murai, and food may be added at an additional cost.
OOC Note: Rooms are paid for by in-game days. For reference, an IRL day would be 80 - 120 murai a night.

Request One
Cheese Wedge - 5 murai
Cinnamon - 5 murai
Cooking Chocolate - 5 murai
Apple Jam - 5 murai
Cherry Jam - 5 murai
Cherry - 5 murai
Grapes - 5 murai
Strawberry Jam - 5 murai
Mushrooms - 5 murai
Cranberry Jam - 5 murai
Stick of Butter - 5 murai
Banana - 5 murai
Mixed Nuts - 5 murai
Peanut Butter - 5 murai
Apple - 5 murai
Other things (that cannot be bought from Risu/Portable Kitchen/Seaweed/Fished/Farmed) - 5 Murai

Request Two
Zelegrand Leaf - 15 murai
Wellwart - 15 murai
Mandrake - 15 murai
Newyen - 15 murai
Landlaugher - 15 murai
Harshorn - 15 murai
Yama Blind - 15 murai
Shy Snow Flower - 15 murai
Hidden Violets - 10 murai

Request Three
Gunpowder - 5 murai
Jammer Bone - 5 murai

Request Four
All Woods - 5 murai

Request Five
All Cloth - 5 murai

Request Six
Ores - 5 murai
Due to an accident, the Lispool Tavern & Inn will be closing down until 5/22/313 for repairs. All advance room payments have been recorded and will be saved for when business resumes. However, these payments may be returned upon request. As a new rule, Liches are no longer allowed inside due to safety concerns.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and are working on getting business up and running again as soon as possible!
The Lispool Tavern & Inn is back up and running! Thank you for your patience!
Various lost items have been found recently. These are being kept safe, so if you've left something behind, please ask a staff member to retrieve it for you!