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[Due to recent events, the Anubites are out of commission. They returned to Egwyn for the sake of continuity. Anything Anubite related is intellectual property of Breakaway~totheweird. Nothing should be used regarding them unless permission is given by Breakaway~totheweird. Thank you.]
Kahlzernd Anubite

[Image: egyptian_guy_by_tobiee_wip_by_noonion.jpg]

Quote:I am not some old benign fool, I do what is best for my people, and nothing more.

From birth, Kahlzernd was raised to be the next great ruler. His moments walking were moments marching; His first words were royal decrees. He never showed weakness; he never faltered, and never showed feared. His piercing eyes always followed his subjects, and his commanding voice rained down like a thunderbolt from heaven.

Times were productive. Kahlzernd's Anubite generation progressed forward, and expanded their horizons. Homestead was established in Sigrogana, creating new grounds for the Anubites to grow and prosper.

Here, Kahlzernd watched his wife pass and raised three sons before his time came. His life ended in his sleep from many years of ruling and tireless work.
Ahkar Anubite
The Black Cat

[Image: d7XWN4E.png]

Quote:"There's more than one way to see."

This early middle aged male figure bears the visible traits of many a complex story, from every tiny scar to the swash of black cloth pulled tight over his sightless gaze. Despite these signs of age, his attire and often his mannerisms still betray an ageless youth. Rather than more traditional garb often seen by Anubites, he prefers a more modern style, right down to the handful of highlights in his blue-black locks. A few occasional clumps of brown show of his natural color, even in his tail. His coat is sleeveless and midnight blue in shade over a torn shirt the color of aged parchment, his arms bearing long fingerless gloves and his claws painted black. Despite his distance from the Anubites at times and his blatent lack of care for tradition, a small insignia on his back matches the same symbol worn by members of the clan. Though his dark colors may lead to the initial assumption of his race being Felidae, his skill with magic stems from his Grimalkin father.

Among more scars than can be counted, a set of scars stand out around his throat, as well as a faded scar in the front of his right shoulder. Though he always keeps his eyes covered, he moves with a certain assuredness of his surroundings that comes with a mix of practice, memory, and a great deal of aid from his other senses. Despite this, though, he often seems to be tripped up by small things, like a moved stone or being carried about.
Kaphiri Anubite
The Enigma

[Image: zxs1103.full.1914391.jpg]

"Deliverance is not for me in renunciation. I feel the embrace of freedom in a thousand bonds of delight."

Knowledge is power; power is the harbinger of corruption; the only way to prevent corruption is through exstensive knowledge; that is the ultimatum he adheres to. A velvety, whimsical atmosphere emanates from this lupine youth, leaving those awash with a feeling of nostalgic curiosity. To many, he'd pertain the sensation of the remnants to a good memory they cherish. The carefree, lax nature he sports so nonchalantly just oozes off his lean frame, in conjunction with the tantalizing scent of smoked wood incense.

His hair is as white as the pale driven snow, falling just below neck length, bound by a horned cloth kerchief. His garb consists of loose-fitting gold and silver jewelry--ceremonial beads with unfathomable hue--rustic bone talismans of unknown origin-- authentic tribal feathers, forearm length--and silken robes with eccentric palettes, that emphasize the beguiling chocolate-caramel color of his skin. His glistening yellow visage is soft-spoken, lacking any iota of aggression or malice; rather, a hint of scrutiny and . Accented in the corner of his eyes is vermilion ink, brushed, beginning from the center and becoming more prominent in towards the end.

His past is veiled in secrecy. What can be said so far is this: he has two other sublings, he currently resides in Disunin--a land far more mysterious and thought-provoking than themselves--and they bear the Anubite crest on their back with the utmost pride and dignity, despite their malevolent occurrences.
[Image: mugen__take_two_by_c_dy.jpg]

Gen-mu Anubite

The teen that stands before you is without a doubt destined for greatness.

What stands before you appears to be a male nearing his late teens. Gen-mu possesses nothing strikingly defining at first glance. Atop his head, a messy mop of spikes sprawl in nearly every direction down past his neck. He sports a faint beard, and gold pupils which serve as a true testament to his heritage. His habitual style of attire consists of loose-fitting clothes. Currently he appears to be outfitted in a crimson Gi that appears to function against it's primary usage in the form of a jacket. Beneath lay a white T-shirt with stitches down the length of the center as if it had been cut open. If that style of dress wasn't abnormal enough, he wore navy shorts which had crimson stripes down along the bottom.

Vulgar, Eccentric, Mild-mannered, Impulsive. There were plenty of unfavorable terms to describe him. Being as such, Gen-mu isn't the most upstanding individual, having little patience for things that didn't benefit him in some way. His strength isn't to be questioned, however, the teen proving to be quite formidable with his unorthodox style of swordplay. Despite his tough exterior, he has an obvious weak spot for women. He's no stranger to the opposite sex, although his mannerisms are left unchecked, and usually result in some form of painful disapproval. Gen-mu appears to be extremely carefree when it came to the world around him. Defined as a vagabond by nature, he's constantly on the move from various locations across the world. He's certain that there's a place out there in which he could reside.

specifically one that's filled with women.

His story begins with his arrival into Heim, the town full of sea adventures, good booze, and wo-- well. You know.
Ramses Anubite
The Narcoleptic

[Image: Kassim.full.1622535.jpg]

"In this world, money and intelligence are everything... After a good night's rest."

Jealously breeds envy, and envy breeds hatred. As one who was born with the natural talent to accomplish all that is within reach, this man is someone who lacks any form of a covetous nature. The eldest of his siblings numbered siblings, he maintains an aura of prestige around himself, holding not only his family to a high standing, but those he associates with. Having not betrayed his schooling, he's of a right sort-- intelligent, easy to get along with so long as he's awake, and likely athletic as well.

Black dreadlocks styled in a half-ponytail rain down his scalp, and golden irises pierce those that he chooses to look at. Attire commonly consisting of finely made clothing and red hooped earrings that take up both ears, his skin is graced with a light and caramel complexion, his muscles toned and built. His expression is one that betrays his personality-- while he's a kind and mild-mannered individual, the solemn and bored frown on his features may interpret that he doesn't want to be anywhere at any point in time.

Not one to do the fighting himself should he have a choice-- refraining from it and allowing others to do so in his steed-- one may find it hard to pinpoint his exact style, whether it be centered around swordplay, hand-to-hand combat, or some other area. Hard pressed and in control of his desires, it isn't odd to see him alone rather than with a woman under his arm-- rather, he seems to be one that would rather not indulge in such pleasantries. Taking to Unaybis as of late, not much can be said about his past... he does seem to walk with a purpose nonetheless.

The Anubite crest hangs upon his turban and his bare back.

[Image: MICEAyn.png]
Vizier x High Priest

[Image: qMkizhR.jpg]

Quote:Every man has a shadow, though some are shrouded by night's veil.

Tired, depressing lines arch across the face of this once alert and proud Lupine. Within Akil's Life, many hardships have come to past and tested his faith in his family, friends, and even the gods. If one were to come up with one subject that described this man's entire existence, no other word would do besides "Trust". Trust has always been something that Akil had in his own family. From the moment they were borned, til the day they died, Akil always had faith in his families word over anyone else's. He lived by this creed as he and his brothers were raised to become fine leaders of the Anubite Clan. Zaheer and Horus were most certainly dependable above all else in Akil's childhood, as they were always to his side whenever he needed. And he was willing to do the same for them, as there were times when older children picked at them, but together the trio was nearly unstoppable.

Though, as they got older they drifted from one another as Zaheer found himself falling in love with Omorose Anubite. Akil was not different from Zaheer in that light, as he had also found himself a wonderful woman by the name of Nubia. She was a beautiful, energetic, and wise lupine who possessed an acute knowledge of focus and magics. Akil had almost always been a serious man, but when he was with Nubia, it was as if he was an entirely different person. He saw the good in all things, and his expressions could not be brighter as he walked hand and hand with her. It was no surprise when she bore him two children; Tabia and Isis. They could not be happier, as they held one another in each others arms through the night. They thought of their future, and the future of the wonderful clan they had been blessed by Anubuna to be apart of.

Happily ever after is something that is stated at the end of many children's story. And that statement is just the same as those stories it exists in; Fictional.

Akil awoke one early morning, before dusk to find that the settlement had been in turmoil. There were words spoken of a large battle was being fought throughout the area. He had never learned of the true cause of this fight, but he had been told many things in the aftermath. Some said it was rebellion, as loosely related Anubitians grew upset at decisions that the clan leader had made within recent years. Others said that it was an attack made upon them by a rival clan who wished to finally claim all Anubitian territory as their own. Though, the reason never really mattered to Akil, all he cared was for the safety of his clan and his family. As he heard the cries of his fellow clan members in the darkness and fog of war, he couldn't help but feel urged out onto the battlefield. Even so, he could not abandon his wife and his children to fend for themselves in this chaos within the morning twlight. Akil paced throughout the room he and has family had huddled in anxiously, jumping every now and then at the sound of a crash or scream within the area. His eyes widened and ears perked to the point that it felt like he would jump from his skin when a trembling man bursted through his front door, looking like a nervous wreck. It was none other than one of the highly esteemed warriors of the Anubite clan, but even then, Akil knew something about him was off though he could not quite put his finger on what it was. If you asked the veteran lupine now, however, he could tell you what he reeked of in a heartbeat: Cowardice.

The man fumbled about the house clumsily, knocking over various pieces of furniture and fixtures. Akil composed himself after a while, finally getting grasp upon reality as he rushed over to the man to shake him out of his destructive, haphazard movement."A-Ah! S-Sir Akil!", he cried out to Akil," It's Your father! They're after him! I-I Tried to save him b-but! T-they killed everyone! There were too many of them!", he managed to finish, his speech full of stuttering and slurs. These words brought a vice to Akil's heart, in a metaphorical sense. On one hand, he had his beloved father, and the clan leader, and on the other, his wife and his future. He growled, his teeth gnashing in the same instance as those crimson hues of his looked towards where his father resided. Akil gave a long, loving look to Nubia, and she returned the same look back to him."Go", the words were so foreign to Akil at that point, he didn't recognize where they came from. Nubia spoke once more, now with a playful tone to her voice,"Your father needs you, Grumpy, so get going!" Akil looked at her with a bewildered look on his face once more, but now finally responding to the woman,". . But what of your safety? I can't jus-", he then looked over towards the warrior who had entered his house."You! Make sure they are safely guided from the village and this turmoil!", Akil said before looking back towards Nubia. "Are you sure?", he said. . . those final words to his better half, his everything, his true love.

"Faith is what a marriage is based on. And Faith is what will protect us."

Nubia's words burned themselves into Akil's brain as he ran off to ensure the safety of his father. Much of what occured after was a blur to Akil, though he only knew for sure he was unable to find his father at first during the chaos. As the light of day began to shine on the settlement and reveal the destruction that had occured, the violence had died down almost synchronously. Akil trudged his sore and tired back to his home, his efforts without conclusive results. calloused feet pattered upon the stone floor within his room as he noticed that something was amiss. In his ear, a faint high pitched sound keep ringing out from beneath the bed. He slowly approached the bed with the utmost care as he examined the area. This sound he was hearing was not from some sort of instrument or animal; It was from a child. As soon as he heard this, he rushed over to the bed with the utmost urgency. Claws dug into the comforter and everything that has came between him and anything beneath as he pried it off the top of the bed frame. And there lied all of his hope, and all of his happiness. Nubia laid across the ground in eternal serenity, clutching onto her two crying children for dear life. Though, her life was beyond spent, as there was a trail of dried blood strung from her neck. Akil cried out in horror as he saw this gruesome sight, warping his very mind in that single instant. How could this happen? Where was the family he had so much faith in? Why didn't faith protect his love? Did he make the choice? Who is to blame? Questions bombarded his mind like ballistae on a castle during siege. He took his two children into his arms as tears streamed down his face. Not only did Nubia die that day, but also a piece of Akil died that would never return.

Only a fool would give trust to anyone who is undeserving of such. Every man has a shadow, though some are shrouded by night's veil. Akil wandered checking on his fellow clan members with his child in tow. It appeared most of them had survived, and that the Anubites had been victorious for the most part. It was a bittersweet victory for them, and all the more so for Akil. While making his rounds, heading back towards his home, he noticed a strange odor in the air in an alleyway nearby. It was the smell of some very hard liquor that had assaulted his nose in fact. As if by some force, he found himself drawn towards the source of said odors as also he heard the sound of snoring. Eyes of a man broken, and filled with hatred were the eyes Akil possessed after seeing the sight he saw now. There, the Warrior he had trusted with the safety of his family was sleeping in a puddle of his own filth and alcohol. There would never be another man on this earth, who Akil had held more contempt as he merely walked away from him without a word. He did not beat him, or kill him, no. . .Nubia would not want that. Not while there were children present.

It was from that day forward, Akil spent most of his life trying to grasp an understanding on the concepts of "Trust" and "Blood". Not everyone could be trusted, but not everyone was untrustworthy. Family should always be trusted, but not all family are trustworthy either. Lost after lost and many years later, and this dark, cold man could not be farther from the answers he wishes for. The only light left for him to hold on are in his new beloved one, and children who still live. But not even they could resurrect the pieces of this man that were lost as he lived on as lost more and more people that were precious to him. The thoughts of ending his suffering with an eternal rest always skitter across his conscience, Maybe perhaps then he could finally have. . .

Happily Ever After
Hiru Anubite

The Passive Warheart
[Image: Wolf+Boy.png]
I watch, I wait, and then I assume the best course of action for dignity.

Some people wouldn't notice, nor walk up to speak to him, but he stands there watching. He is like a ghost who stands near by listening in to conversations not whispered. He who watches people, and who leaves when it feels right. His thirst for combat is an addiction. He would study battles, and ask both the winner and the loser's strategy of the battle. He eagerly accepts challenges with a grin, that is, if the idea entertains him.

Black messy hair cover most of his large head, furry ears. Golden eyes that helps see through the darkness prominent feature. Tanned skin shows he spent around under the bright sun. Black clothing makes spotting him easier during the day, and harder to see at night.

He walks the path that intrigues him most.
Azizi Anubite

[Image: 1Ltciuf.jpg?1]

A well-built young woman, adorning a bob of pigment-less strands upon her head. Her skin is akin to that of the rest of the clan, being fairly tanned, though not overly so; at best, it could be recognized as caramel. The golden irises and canine ears upon her head could be a clear indicator of her race, if one hadn't already noticed the swaying, bushy tail attached to her tailbone.

Attention being drawn not to her physical traits, but vocal and personal ones, this woman can be fairly difficult to understand and coax information out of, distracting others from the majority of her expressions and ticks with a facade of flirtatious tones and smirks-- Though, beneath the layer of romantic gestures and body language can be found an almost prepubescent girl, lacking the life experience to mask many of her negative or positive emotions, as well as the ability to understand them herself.

A tendency to release her frustrations upon an anvil, or the occasional unfortunate BDP resident within this lupine is apparent, almost as apparent as the tool used for such things--being a spear, and fighting style consisting of a mix of magics and melee maneuvers.

Over-all, though flirtatious, the young Anubite could easily be labeled as inexperienced, and somewhat irresponsible--Her lack of the two causing the occasional scene or scuffle.
Pipui Anubite

[Image: 372be62e97.png]

A girl standing 5'4 in her late teens, she looks rather happy and energetic most of the time; this can be either good or bad, most likely causing recklessness in certain situations. Much like her father, Gamnor, she is ready to put her life on the line for what she loves most. A loving and kind heart may be the best personality trait Pupui possess, yet she's also prone to pissing others off with her pride and noisiness.

Dark skin and white hair are also inherited from her parental figure. Snowy tail and ears stand out against mostly black attire. The young girl's body isn't built for strength, but rather speed; her lightweight clothing can attest to such. Due to her household's wealthy background, she does not hesitate to inform others of this. At the end of the day, the teenager does her best not to disgrace her family, in hopes of taking up an important position in the near future.
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