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Full Version: Disunin Enclave (Anubite Clan)
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"I will fetch the necessities. You, on the other hand," he says, before beginning his languid gait back to the land of virtuoso. "You may supply me with a weapon. I'm sure you'll bring me something that'll pique my interest." An affectionate embrace was in order, but the nigh-endless thoughts about the supposed specialization and the examination into manhood had began to dishearten him, like a widow's poltergeist. Out here, he couldn't shoulder the burden of the peoples' anxiety. Their well-being was his, and he intended to uphold their positivism.

The ears once perched lazily on his head were now extremely tentative, as if he were to expect an enemy. They occasionally shifted in cardinal direction, zoning on on every auditory discomfort or abnormality. With every pace in the spectral soil, a thought raced in and out of his mind. Where should he camp? Which route would lead him there the quickest? Should he travel by land or sea? Much had to be accounted for, yet he began with what he was advised: braided rope and thermal clothing.
The door eerily opened by it's lonesome as she knocked, revealing his preparation. A ring of coarse, abused rope lies at the foot of his wooden cot--he had acquired it, just as he was tasked. The image of Kaphiri folding the remaining robes of woven silk and cloth would've been the first thing she saw--at least, it would have, before he turned to interrogate whatever the creaking was stemming from. "Ah, dearest Avaline," he says, placing the tri-folded garb into his bag. "I hope you can forgive my departure. I pray to Akurah that it is a brisk trial."

The sight of his posterior was replaced by the anterior was he announced his woe, unraveling his fingers and concealing his arms beneath unshapely sleeves. "Did you find a suitable weapon for my travels? I'm yearning to see what you found, you've got such a knack for practicability."
A single tall lupine male has made his way to the Disunin Enclave, looking at a small map of the area with equipment in tow from his travel. His head covered to block out the sun's rays when he made his way to this location.

"Surely this should be the place I read about.. I'm just surprised it took as long as it has to get here but.. all comes with patience." He thought to himself as he starts moving forward. Ears perked as he listens around for anything, eventually looking around to take in the scenery, he could sense a different aura about the place. it was unsettling to him at first but he continued onward. "I just hope that all goes well here." he adjust the cowl as he proceeded.
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