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Full Version: An Eternal Hunt
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House Domraye
Fourth Order

The following is the testiomy of a Domraye soldier at the siege of Evenstar and Dragonfield. If you would like to read the full report on what transpired inste--- (The rest of this paragraph is illegible.)

"Helvetica Domraye" Wrote:(The beginning of this excerpt is illegible.)
Investigator: When did you take up arms against the beasts?
Darius Domraye: I arrived in the middle night upon the scene at Evenstar a single day after it had begun, and I immediately joined the effort to quell the siege.
Investigator: What sorts of men were fighting alongside yourself?
Darius Domraye: It was mostly our people, sir. Beyond my kin, though, some foriegners took up arms with us. A handful of attractive women, even.
Investigator: Right. Tell me about the one that struck you as suspicious.
Darius Domraye: Oh, uh... at the height of the surge, when the majority of our forces were stuck inside of Evenstar, one blond foriegner was our saving grace.
Investigator: What did they do?
Darius Domraye: He blew away the creatures surging up the stairs! He tirelessly carved a path through the hoarde while many of us struggled with much fewer creatures. We were able to push back and return outside the tower thanks to his efforts.
Investigator: What sort of weaponry did he use?
Darius Domraye: Guns. I once saw him holding up a shield, too, but I think that he picked that off the ground.
Investigator: Alright, and you mentioned before that he did something extraordinary?
Darius Domraye: Well, none of my brethren could approach the sources for these beasts, because our horns would ache intensely just by being in the area. Walking close to them caused many to fall unconscious or drop dead on the spot. The foreigner didn't seem to have this problem, and he--- (A large chunk of this dialogue is illegible.) ---stroyed them, sometimes by getting close and other times by shooting at them from hundreds of yards away! With only one eye, he shot at them accurately from incredible distances!
Investigator: Alright, alright. When did you last see him?
Darius Domraye: Ah, well, winged beasts were assailing the uppermost portions of Evenstar towards the end of the siege, so he and some others ascended the tower to fight them off while I continued to fight on ground level.
Investigator: So you cannot confirm whether or not this individual reached the top floor and was responsible for---
(The end of this excerpt is illegible.)

TL Note: This is a copy given to The Sigrogana Empire due to their requests for information on any of the individuals on their bounty and wanted lists. Some unnecessary information was censored by hand.