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Full Version: The Prim Rose: Hiring
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Wait Staff- We need some charming individuals to wait table and interact with customers. We are willing to train you if we think you will be up to the challenge.

Advertisement- We are up for hiring someone to help with promotions.

House Band- It is nice to have some music around the place. Not mutually exclusive with other jobs. (Might have to help with events I am considering)

Cleaning Staff- Having someone to help us clean up would be much appreciated.

Sous Chef- Helping out in the kitchen in a place like this is a valuable learning experience but it is not easy.

Delivery Person We theoretically have the set up for Deliveries but we have no one to conduct them. We are looking for someone trustworthy to make sure things get where they need to go.

Trained Hunter- We are always looking to make deals with some new hunters who know what they are doing.

We look forward to reviewing your applications

[OOC contact info PM me or add me on Discord at Kavoir#4563 the character is also on the key Hat and Cloak and I spend a decent amount of time AFKing near the entrance of the building. Trade me if you want my attention promptly if you go that route.]