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Full Version: The Prim Rose
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The Prim Rose is open to the public. We hope to meld traditional Alstalsian cuisine with some modern sensibilities and a bit of unique flair. Our eventual team hopes to provide a unique dining experience against a pleasant backdrop. Please stop by I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Apply Here:
If anyone would like to consult us about being a supplier(we are only interested in Alstalsian products) please do not hesitate to contact us. {Kavoir in the SL discord server or Kavoir#4563 on discord in general}
The Prim Rose is Officially Closing

[2 PM PDT July 31st] 

What is happening? 
We are holding a bit of a contest to celebrate, whether it is the end of this thing or the memories we made is up to the reader. But there will be free food and drink between each entry for those who want to watch. 

A stage open to musicians each to play a single song for the starting round. Two finalists as chosen by us will play a three-song set mostly by the standards of who we want to hear three more songs from but we will be "judging" them on Uniqueness, Style, Audience Engagement, and most importantly passion. 

Why is a "classy" Alstalsian Restaurant doing this? 
Management wants to go out on a note fitting for ending this thing. The only people who we have anything to prove to are ourselves. Just have fun with it.  

Why should I dance for you Zeran? 
We will give you 200 murai a person plus 40 murai if you are from outside the city, as well as a box of sausage of your choice from Leberkäse, Fenchelwurst, Currywurst, Landjäger, Ahlewurst or Führen. In all seriousness do it because you want to show something from yourself or prove something to someone, or maybe just because you want to. 

Can I sign up in advance? 
Yeah sure. You will be ensured to get time on stage and will get to influence what is served after you go on stage if you want. If you need a session musician we might be able to help if you ask in advance.

[Image: Final-Performance.png]
Ignore this post the issues were resolved after 5 days and they claim to have contingencies in place. So I should be good again. Sorry for any confusion.