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Full Version: [Oniga] The Red Dragon Dojo
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The doors of an old Dojo find themselves opening once more, and word soon spreads across the world of the return of an old master of his trade...

Dig deep enough into the rumors, and it's pretty obvious that they are true. The Red Dragon Dojo, famed for its Cellsvich tournament some twenty years ago, and its ownership by the sizeable clan Dackamoto, speared by none other than Barrasuni Dackamoto.

Throughout the years, their art, the Red Dragon Style (AKA Dackamoto style) has spread throughout the world, having some quite famous practicioners come into public view. All of which descend from Sensei Dackamoto's original teachings.

Whether you know their history, the family of bandits, the family of warriors who gave everything for redemption. Or, whether you simply wish to better yourself, become one with your body and your art, it's safe to assume the dojo may be the place for you.

(The OOC bit)

So, I decided after retiring Barra a year ago, I wanted to try something with him.
With that, I've decided to bring him back solely to exist as a plot development point for characters who either want to further themselves ICly, and get a cool bit of IC for themselves (One of the people who know Red Dragon style), or want an actual build up to a shift in MA usage, rather than just change their build. What this means is, Old man Barra's return is entirely for the sake of helping other people do something fun with a character, while also allowing me to have some sort of homage to one of my oldest, and most well known characters, in that people using his own fighting style on an IC level.

If, for some reason, this is something you'd wanna do, you can contact me via Discord to arrange it.
If, for some reason, you decide to make a character who you want to already know the style, also contact me via discord. It's just IC fluff, and keeping me updated lets me keep track of my little OCD list of people I have.
If, for some reason, you decide you want to train someone else ICly, after having a character who knows the art, you're more than welcome to pass it on, I'd actually love to see that happen.

Discord: Ryuzaki#8667