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Full Version: [Bulletin Board] Mary Shiratori's alternative sermons!
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A notice is written in fine calligraphy, and delicately pinned to the board. It is otherwise unremarkable.

Attention: Mercala's Faithful!

With regular services in Lispool on haitus, I have taken it upon myself to provide guidance to those who seek it. My intrpretations of the teachings may seem a little radical, at times, but everything I preach is about living a good life you can be proud of. I occasionally extrapolate and contrast the examples of other gods in comparison to Mercala, as well, so do try to have an open mind if you attend these gatherings.

Please note that I am not an official Church member, so any official business you may have with the Church will need to be taken elsewhere. I am simply a member of the community using the Church grounds for meetings of the faithful.

- Signed,
Mary Shiratori.

Below is a description of the preacher in question, so as to prevent others from claiming to be her. She is an elf, and it mentions that her surname is because of an Onigan father.
((OOC Post: This is on hold until Monday for personal reasons. Taking a brief haitus for my health.))