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Full Version: Anghe, the Warm Hamlet
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As of late, talk of a small town in Lordwain has arisen around the area. A spot where the warmth of flames can be felt, though it's still quite cold. With a bright glowing clock-tower, one can almost mistake it for a proper town, if not for the shabby housing more often than not.

Stories of a mystery hidden in the town are told, time to time, about how an ancient mechanism powers the very ground beneath one's feet.

Will you look into the mystery?

((Now accepting characters to be made for an APPROVED town known as Anghe! A document will be posted with this in order to better explain the concept.))

((If you're at all interested, just DM me, Hoot#1195, on Discord. We can talk about what you'd be interested in after that!))

((Most events will be RP based, but for the most part- casual is also possible. At the time of writing, this Hamlet is being built in a house. Thanks for reading!))