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Full Version: Vassal Nobles: House Horun
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Sigil: A butterfly which sits upon the bones of many a creature, a Zeran's crown in the forefront and positioned to overlay the insect.
The Sigil of House Horun carries with it a lethal connotation. Much like the major house it's connected to, Horun's sigil makes its own statement of threatening audacity. The bones the butterfly rests atop remain wholly intact, but without a shred of skin attached. A seemingly harmless creature achieving a total victory seems impossible, but for the members of House Horun it is what is to be expected.

Colors: Blue, Black, Purple
Usually wearing black with blue outlines, the Horun house tends to point towards a show of subtly- subtle on the standards of a Zeran, anyway. A member of the House is expected to wear their colors at all times; barring extreme circumstances or when discretion is key. For formal meetings between other members of the House, purple robes or dresses are customary.

Heirloom: Lebensverändernd (Life-Changing)
A harp made of obsidian, there rests an even blacker crest on the top of the instrument. The crest itself is weaved into the gemstone as though it were liquid, despite being made out slivers of Zera's spine. The harp is kept locked away in the manor that acts as House Horun's stronghold. Only when a new head for either House Horun or House Suran is Lebensverändernd taken from its resting place and played for the heir apparent.

Size: Small
House Horun, like the house it's vassal to, is a fairly small noble family. This is due to the fact they're not known to invite others into the family, at least not directly. House Horun is especially fond of using its wealth to contract mercenary services, or enlist the aid of spies for espionage. Rarely do these pawns know their true master; the majority of these deals are brokered by trusted servants, potential future members of the House. Because of this it can be hard to determine House Horun’s true size, or its capabilities.

Stronghold: Churndwarf Manor
Found south of the Ruined Bluff, past House Suran's own stronghold, is the Churndwarf Manor. It's not a large stronghold, but it's large enough to house most if not all of House Horun if need be. Made out of black brick and white marble, Churndwarf rests nearby Fairweather in order to assist in any battle if need be. It also resides closer to the original home of House Suran, though rumors have it they never dare set foot in the place known as Sea's Sin.

Gated off, the Churndwarf Manor remains closed to those who House Horun does not trust.

Despite being a Vassal to House Suran, House Horun is not near as ruthless with their ways of finding and taking opportunities. There goes a saying of 'Flutter like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee'. Many of the family believe in a passive manner of thinking, as the idea of rushing head-first into any situation is a call for error. Similar to House Suran, the members of Horun are secretive almost to a fault. Their small size means that the wrong step could cause harm or even erasure.

The Head of House Horun operates as the guiding hand for the House, as they believe only a single all powerful leader with a vision may lead the House as it needs to be led. A council or some other kind of democracy in this kind of House would inevitably lead to backstabbing, coups and other troubles. To that end; only the Head of the House knows the totality of all the House’s secrets. They are expected to keep meticulous records of these dealings in such a way that the passing of titles need not erase all their hard work - though where this record is kept is highly secretive.

Individual members of the House are encouraged to perfect their crafts; so long as it is in service to the House. Of note is their significant prestige in Magecraft - many members of House Horun study or even tutor in Karaten. Most of the noble family work as mages first, espionage-experts and spies second.

Similarly to House Suran, the Horun House successfully domesticated their own breed of creature. The giant insects known as 'Finale Butterflies' were not harmless, but they were much less harmful than the arachnids which their allied house managed to tame. The Finale Butterflies were used to harvest their wondrous scales which fell from their flapping wings, and also used to ride as transportation in dire times, as they were the size of large horses, if not larger. Despite this ability to tame the creature, House Horun really only came to be a decently known Noble house when House Suran itself decided to make it a vassal.

Up until this point, House Horun was merely a wealthy family known for their life-long dreams to create the 'perfect' spells. Starting with runes, they would begin to build from there, crafting and pulling apart and putting back together each line of a spell. It takes decades, if not centuries to create new spells. Thankfully, due to the Zeran's lifespan, it's not unknown for someone to at least finish one spell in their lifetime.

Perhaps it was due to their ever-curious nature that allowed it, or perhaps it was a realization that their inquisitive nature would eventually unveil things that House Suran rather have left in the dark. Either way, they were raised into a noticeable rank about thirty years ago, while the Horun name has been carried on throughout centuries, starting about fifty years after Heaven's Contention ended.


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Head of House: Free
Heir Apparent: Taken by Sarah
Wife of Head: Free
Eldest Younger Brother of Heir: Free
Eldest Younger Sister of Heir: Taken by SwiftKasura
Middle Younger Brother of Heir: Free
Youngest Little Sister of Heir: Free
Cook: Free
Servants: 3 Free