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Full Version: Application Forum Guidelines & Rules (READ ME)
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General Application & Approval Rules

1) All information you are providing related to your request is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and true.
2) You understand that approval of your request only applies to the contents of the request itself, and does not extend beyond that. (For example, being approved to play one tall character does not mean you have approval to play as many tall characters as you want. If the character is 'repurposed' or deleted, you will have to reapply regardless of if the old character had approval.)
2a) If your request relates to some sort of ability or background, you must include ALL DETAILS you want approved. (As an example, if you have an approved request for your character to be able to breathe underwater due to some curse, you are NOT allowed to later decide to add on that 'the curse spreads when I touch someone else' in your RP, without requesting and receiving approval.)
3) You are not permitted to edit your post after approval is received; your post will be moved to an organization 'accepted' forum. If you require additional expansion related to that request, you may ask that a GM return it to the main forum. (However, we ask that you do this sparingly and try to have all of the details of your request finalized. You may also post a new request topic and link the old request thread instead.)
4) You understand that, even if approval is received, it can be revoked at any time if the contents are abused, used to break other RP rules, used in a way to harass others for non-IC reasons, is later judged to be unfit for the lore, to be detrimental to the RP environment or setting, the information you presented was falsified, or any reason in general, as deemed such by a GM or Dev.
5) Until a GM states you have approval for your request, you DO NOT have approval. Do not make a request and proceed to go through with it assuming you will be approved.
5a) Similarly, do not go through with something unapproved in-game and then retroactively make an approval request. While we will be lenient if it seems like a genuine mistake, if the rules were simply blatantly disregarded, your request might be denied as a result.
6) The information posted in these threads is NOT PUBLIC IC KNOWLEDGE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED OR IMPLIED. Do NOT metagame.

General Posting Ettiquette

1) Please use the format shown in the other sticky when making your request, for organizational purposes and to show that you have read these rules and guidelines entirely.
2) Do not comment on another player's requests unless you are specifically requested to. If you have information that the request may be made in bad faith, please PM one of the GMs privately instead of posting in the topic.
3) Please allow some time for the GMs to go through your request, discuss it privately, and reply. Do not bump your topic, except in one of the following circumstances:
a) It has been more than 1 week since it was posted with no official reply.
b) You are requesting additional approval related to the topic, or an issue arises with your request later.
c) You may reply to GM approval with a 'thank you', etc, of course.
d) If denied, you may reply asking for more details, clarifying something the GM may have misunderstood, etc. (However, if it is clear that the request is denied and cannot be accepted, please do not excessively argue.)
4) A GM will reply, either granting your request approval, asking for more details, or denying your request for a specified reason.
5) Please be respectful of all parties.